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GrabCAD and Autodesk Team Up on Product Design in the Cloud 06/27/13 Boston
GrabCAD Grabs $8M from Charles River Ventures, Yammer’s David Sacks 10/15/12 Boston
Ed-Tech Startup K12 Kit Looks to Revamp Social Networks for Schools 06/27/12 Boston
Kibits Cuts Through the Chatter with New Micro-Social Network App 03/29/12 Boston
Microsoft’s Online Head Qi Lu: Skype Deal Is “Key Addition” of Marquee Consumer Brand 05/13/11 Boston
NWEN “First Look” Forum Tells Story of Software Vs. Medical Startups: Online Travel Is the Winner 04/14/10 Seattle
How Google’s New App Store Impacts Microsoft, Amazon, and Startups 03/10/10 Seattle
Seattle’s Loss: DocVerse Bought by Google (Maybe as a Bridge to Microsoft) 03/05/10 Seattle
Microsoft’s New Head of FUSE Labs, Lili Cheng, on Strategy, Social Computing, and Bicoastal Life 10/09/09 Seattle
Memo from Ray Ozzie: New Lab Will Use Social Computing to Strengthen Microsoft Products 10/08/09 Seattle
Daptiv Adds $2M From Management 10/07/09 Seattle
Chase Franklin, Former Qpass Founder and CEO, Takes Charge of Daptiv 09/21/09 Seattle
$1M Angel Funding for LiquidPlanner 06/19/09 Seattle
A Fresh Take on Websites and Wiki-Based Discovery, from Ray King of AboutUs 06/10/09 Seattle
Kryptiq Sells Product Line to Portico 04/21/09 Seattle
Swype Scores $1.3M, Onehub Raises $600K, Genzyme Comes to Town, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 04/07/09 Seattle
Report: Onehub Raises $600K 04/02/09 Seattle
Brigham Docs Share Medical Scans Remotely Using IBM Web Browser Technology 03/13/09 Boston
Twitter Acquires Portland-based Values of N, Gets New Talent 11/25/08 Seattle
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