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Roundup: Funding for Rover, Union Bay, Conductiv, Powerit, & More 07/30/13 Seattle
What Will the End of Moore’s Law Mean for Consumers? Not Much 07/26/13 National
Concur Pushes Business Travel Technology with Venture Investments 07/25/13 Seattle
Tableau Says Cloud Software Push Provides Flexibility 07/18/13 Seattle
Intel’s Diane Bryant Blazing Trail From Data Centers to Next Era of IT 07/16/13 National
Trendspotting: Platform Ecosystems 07/15/13 San Francisco
Seattle, Microsoft Target Energy Savings for Buildings in Pilot Project 07/11/13 Seattle
After Virtualization: VMware’s Valiant Plan to Co-opt the Cloud 07/09/13 San Francisco
Ornicept: Bringing Big Data to Natural Resource Management 06/17/13 Detroit
The Right Now Economy: The Next Wave of Startup Success 06/12/13 San Francisco
IBM Buying SoftLayer in Cloud-Computing Wars 06/04/13 Texas
BMC Software, Going Private, Puts Consumer Spin on IT, Cloud Services 06/04/13 Texas
Cloudant Raises $12M from Rackspace and Others, Opens SF Office 05/14/13 Boston
Out of Bezos’s Shadow: 7 Startup Secrets from Amazon’s Andy Jassy 05/09/13 Boston
Cloud Seeding: Rackspace’s Soft Spot for Startups 05/09/13 Texas
Roundup: Dell Cloud Buy, Obama in Austin, Houston Hackathon, TechRanch Partner 05/07/13 Texas
With LonoCloud Acquisition, ViaSat Gets Head Start on New Technology 04/17/13 San Diego
More Fuel for the New Database Wars: ParElastic Raises $5.7M 04/09/13 Boston
Ignition Partners Raises $150M, Expands to Silicon Valley 04/03/13 Seattle
GreenLancer Raises $275,000 From Group of MI Investors 04/02/13 Detroit
Accelerator 9Mile Labs Names Initial Class of B2B Startups 03/19/13 Seattle
Mid-Michigan’s TechSmith, Growing Globally, Surpasses $50M in Revenue 03/15/13 Detroit
CloudHealth, $4.5M in Tow, Looks to Run Networking Playbook on the Cloud 03/12/13 Boston
Backupify Rolls Out Gmail Tool, Wants to Build Data Protection Layer for the Web 03/06/13 Boston
Marc Benioff Talks Up’s Strategy for the Mobile Arena 02/27/13 New York
The Cloud in Healthcare Post-Election 12/19/12 Boston
ProfitBricks, Taking On Amazon, Offers Virtual Data Centers to Startups 12/13/12 Boston
Under Seattle’s Cloud, a Big Data Cluster Grows 12/04/12 Seattle
How Will You Manage the Cloud? 11/19/12 Boston
GramercyOne now Booker, Sharpens Strategy and Unveils Deals Service 11/15/12 New York
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