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Backupify Rolls Out Gmail Tool, Wants to Build Data Protection Layer for the Web 03/06/13 Boston
Marc Benioff Talks Up’s Strategy for the Mobile Arena 02/27/13 New York
The Cloud in Healthcare Post-Election 12/19/12 Boston
ProfitBricks, Taking On Amazon, Offers Virtual Data Centers to Startups 12/13/12 Boston
Under Seattle’s Cloud, a Big Data Cluster Grows 12/04/12 Seattle
How Will You Manage the Cloud? 11/19/12 Boston
GramercyOne now Booker, Sharpens Strategy and Unveils Deals Service 11/15/12 New York
Nasuni Snags $20M More for “Storage as a Service” 10/30/12 Boston
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff: End Coming for Windows in Enterprise 10/22/12 New York
Carbonite Buys Backup Firm Zmanda as Big Data Spending Skyrockets 10/18/12 Boston
Microsoft Azure Accelerator: 10 Startup Names to Watch 10/01/12 Seattle
San Diego Cloud Computing Startup Names Former AT&T CTO as CEO 09/13/12 San Diego
Which Cloud Approach is Right for You? 09/10/12 Boston
SpiderOak: The Online Backup and Sharing Service Where Privacy Counts 08/29/12 San Francisco
Taking the Moneyball Approach to Healthcare with ArborMetrix 08/13/12 Detroit
Mapping the Cloud With Ann Arbor’s DeepField Networks 08/10/12 Detroit
Developers Are the New Decision-Making Elite of the Digital Economy 08/03/12 Boston
Illumina, Leaning on Amazon, Looks to Be Hub of Genomic Computing 07/24/12 San Diego
EMC Execs, iRobot Upgrades, and Zipcar & Denzel: Some Tech Tidbits 07/17/12 Boston
Kinvey, Out to Kick Butt and Build Mobile Backends, Lands $5M in VC 07/11/12 Boston
Backupify Brings In $9M More from Symantec & VCs, Fends Off Acquirers 07/11/12 Boston
ServiceNow IPO Tests Investors’ Mood After Facebook’s Downer IPO 06/29/12 San Diego
Brightcove, Surviving the Recession, Seeks New Fortune in Cloud Content 06/05/12 Boston Buys Buddy Media for $690M, Plans to Augment Radian6 06/04/12 New York
Nokia Joins X Prize in $2.25M Wireless Health “Sensing Challenge” 05/24/12 San Diego
Think Tech Labs Tailors Salesforce to the Real Estate Market 05/17/12 Detroit
BetterCloud Raises $2.2M, Gets Bullish on Google Apps for Enterprise 05/10/12 New York
Amazon Takes Over: How a Flood of People Could Remake Seattle 05/09/12 Seattle
First Comes The $1,000 genome, Then Comes The $10,000 Analysis 05/08/12 Seattle
Box Looks to New York, Boston, and Seattle for Innovation 05/03/12 New York
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