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Sprint Amps Its Rooftop Signal, Joins Transit Wireless Subway Project 07/30/13 New York
Roundup: UW Spinouts; Funding for Illumagear, Alpental Tech & More 07/17/13 Seattle
Sprint (Finally) Buys Clearwire for $2.2B 12/17/12 Seattle
How Not to Name a Startup: The Curse of the Camel Case 12/22/11 National
Paul Allen, AT&T-Mo, Clearwire: Seattle’s Weekly Rewind 12/16/11 Seattle
Sold! Clearwire Raises $715M from Stock Sale to Bankroll New Network 12/13/11 Seattle
Clearwire Plans to Sell up to $345M in Stock Following Deal with Sprint 12/05/11 Seattle
Clearwire Gets $1.6B from Sprint, Makes Debt Payment 12/01/11 Seattle
Decide, Avalara, Brad Feld: Pre-Turkey Gems from the Seattle Tech Scene 11/23/11 Seattle
Clearwire Debt, Artale’s Latest, Zoomingo Raises: Week-Ending Seattle News Tidbits 11/18/11 Seattle
TechStars Demos, Real CEO, Zillow Earnings: Wrapping Up a Week in Seattle Tech Headlines 11/09/11 Seattle
Clearwire Adds Subscribers, Stems Losses in Third Quarter 11/02/11 Seattle
Gates at UW, PopCap’s Mobile Guru, Redfin’s Millions: Wrapping up Seattle Tech Headlines 11/01/11 Seattle
Clearwire Board Member Wolff Resigns 10/28/11 Seattle
EquaShip, Isilon, Tippr, Zaarly: Wrapping up a Week-Plus of Seattle Headlines 10/27/11 Seattle
Clearwire Shares Go for Another Ride on Word of Latest Sprint Plans 10/26/11 Seattle
Mobile Madness, VC Dollars, Appature’s Growth: Wrapping up Seattle’s Tech Headlines 10/18/11 Seattle
Swype, Jobs, Clearwire: the One-Minute Week in Seattle Tech Headlines 10/11/11 Seattle
Sprint Makes it Pretty Clear: Clearwire on Its Own 10/07/11 Seattle
Shopobot, Angels, AT&T: The 1-Minute Week in Seattle Tech 09/20/11 Seattle
Clearwire Takes Another Step Toward LTE While Investor Search Continues 09/14/11 Seattle
Why All the Churn Around Clearwire? It’s All About the Spectrum 08/19/11 Seattle
Zulily, OpsCode, Clearwire: Your 1-Minute Weekly Roundup of Seattle Tech Headlines 08/16/11 Seattle
New Clearwire CEO Faces Tough Road as Wireless Provider Looks for Cash 08/10/11 Seattle
Startup Weekend, Sucker Punch, Dashwire: Your 1-Minute Week in Seattle Tech News 08/09/11 Seattle
Facebook vs. Google, Polaris Skips Town, HackStars’ Unlikely Origin, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 06/07/11 Seattle
Clearwire Unloads Call Centers 06/02/11 Seattle
Microsoft Takes on Everybody, Google Buys Sparkbuy, More Fuel for the Talent Wars, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 05/24/11 Seattle
Clearwire Hands Network Management to Sprint Partner Ericsson, Continuing Rapid Makeover 05/18/11 Seattle
Amazon’s Cloud Crash, Under-the-Radar Inventions, Zillow’s Trend-Setting IPO, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 04/26/11 Seattle
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