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Entry Author Date Location
Third Rock’s Voyager Hunts For CNS Disorders With Gene Therapy 02/12/14 Boston
Sangamo BioSciences Acquires Ceregene for $1,000,000 08/27/13 San Diego
Ceregene Adds $11.5M 11/11/10 San Diego
Ceregene Lands $11,500,000 Series D Round 11/11/10 San Diego
Intrigue, Fraud Surround Death of Biotech Angel Investor, Neurocrine Biosciences Signs Two Big Deals, Regulus Therapeutics Signs Sanofi-Aventis Deal, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 06/24/10 San Diego
Ceregene Gets $2.5M From Fox Foundation 06/23/10 San Diego
Biogen Idec Aims to Regenerate Damaged Nerves, Crack Multi-Billion Dollar Market 03/11/09 Boston
Ceregene Drug Fails in Parkinson’s Trial 12/01/08 San Diego
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