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Entry Author Date Location
Cardiovascular Systems Receives $2,500,000 New Financing Round 02/25/13 Detroit
Cardiovascular Systems Obtains $1,500,000 New Funding 08/30/11 Detroit
Exclusive: Pathway Medical Technologies To Be Acquired by Bayer’s Medrad Unit for $125M 08/19/11 Seattle
Cardiovascular Systems Obtains $4,000,000 New Financing 07/01/11 Detroit
Pathway Medical Grinds It Out, Seeks Profit Formula, Three Years After FDA Approval 06/08/11 Seattle
Cardiovascular Systems Receives $3,500,000 New Round 12/14/10 Detroit
Pathway Medical Learns Lessons During Tougher Than Expected First Year on Market 10/20/09 Seattle
Pathway Medical Raises $40M for Device to Clear Out Blocked Leg Arteries 03/26/09 Seattle
Pathway Medical Tool Shows Early Signs of Emerging as “Real Winner” 02/02/09 Seattle
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