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BrightSource Energy Receives $15,000,000 New Funding 07/25/13 San Francisco
BrightSource Energy Receives $15,000,000 New Financing 07/25/13 San Francisco
BrightSource Energy Garners $80,000,000 New Funding Round 10/25/12 San Francisco
Finding Trends: Cleantech IPOs Skew Toward Biofuels, Materials, Energy Efficiency 08/17/11 National
Cleantech Investing Stagnates, But California Clings to Lead 08/03/11 San Francisco
Google Puts $100M into Oregon Wind Farm 04/18/11 San Francisco
Google Invests $168M in BrightSource Energy’s Tower of Power 04/11/11 San Francisco
HelloFax, Anyleaf, Gmail Fail—The 1-Minute Summary of Last Week’s Bay Area Biztech News 04/04/11 San Francisco
$200M for Brightsource Energy 04/01/11 San Francisco
BrightSource Energy Lands $122,468,202 New Financing 03/18/11 San Francisco
Crocodoc Goes HTML5, SearchReviews and GravityEight Go Live, & More Bay Area BizTech News 02/22/11 San Francisco
$89.6M More for Brightsource 02/15/11 San Francisco
BrightSource Energy Lands $89,554,169 New Round 12/28/10 San Francisco
Travel Sites Go After Google, Trimble Buys ThingMagic, Digg Downsizes, & Other Bay Area BizTech News 11/01/10 San Francisco
BrightSource Will Get $300M from NRG 10/27/10 San Francisco
Recurve Refines Energy Retrofits, Sungevity Helps Homes Go Solar, BrightSource Prepares for IPO, & More Bay Area Biztech News 09/27/10 San Francisco
Report: BrightSource Planning IPO 09/22/10 San Francisco
The Top 10 Northern California Venture Deals of the Second Quarter—Two Ways 07/17/10 San Francisco
BrightSource Energy Secures $150,000,000 Series D Funding Round 05/20/10 San Francisco
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