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Entry Author Date Location
Big Wave of Q2 VC Funding Washes Ashore in San Diego with $222M 07/21/14 San Diego
Mega Deals (Like Uber) Boost Venture Funding to $13B 07/17/14 National
2013 VC Funding Tops $29B, and Software Continues to Eat the World 01/17/14 National
Wisconsin a Land of Innovators, Not Just Cheeseheads 12/16/13 Wisconsin
Me-Too Drugs 01/11/12 San Diego
The Situation at the FDA: We Are All to Blame 01/10/12 San Francisco
Lack of Funding For Innovative Biotech Companies 01/09/12 Detroit
It Takes a Village to Raise a Biotech Startup: Highlights from the Tweetchat 12/06/11 National
Join Us at 3 pm ET/Noon PT for Tweetchat on Biotech Startups 12/05/11 National
WSU Program Nurtures Budding Research Scientists 09/12/11 Detroit
IPO Activity Returns to Pre-Recession Levels in Second Quarter 07/26/11 National
Advanced Cell Technology Starts Human Trials of Embryonic Stem Cells Under Strict FDA Supervision 07/20/11 Boston
NeoStem Acquires Amorcyte 07/15/11 New York
Molecular Imaging Research Finds New Life in Ann Arbor Thanks To $7M Investment From Baird Venture Partners and Arcus Ventures 05/09/11 Detroit
Get Set for Michigan 2031: Xconomy’s First Detroit Event to Examine State’s Innovation Landscape 20 Years Ahead 02/24/11 Detroit
In Talk on Personalized Medicine, Life Technologies’ CEO Explains Shift in Corporate Strategy 10/26/10 San Diego
Maker Faire Taps Into Detroit’s Sense of Mission, History as City of Tinkerers and, Yes, Entrepreneurs 07/29/10 Detroit
Greylock’s Henry McCance Part 2: Four Things Great VCs Do and Four Ideas to Guide Them 07/27/10 Boston
ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics Open Greenhouse for Algae Biofuels Development 07/14/10 San Diego
Under the Radar: Five San Diego Deals That Are Signs of Things to Come 11/24/09 San Diego
Right Brains Wanted: Sanofi-Aventis Wants to Tap the Creative Genius of Boston-Area Biotechs 11/11/09 Boston
Senomyx Ready to Commercialize Sweetness Enhancer 10/23/09 San Diego
San Diego Agri-Biotech Startup Moves to Challenge Monsanto on its Own Turf 10/02/09 San Diego
Kauffman Seminar Asks How Universities Can Improve Innovation 03/12/09 San Diego
Kent BioEnergy, With Decades of Algae Experience, Predicts Biofuel Innovation Will Come From “A Guy on a Tractor” 02/20/09 San Diego
Lilly’s San Diego Biotechnology Center of Silence 12/17/08 San Diego
Human Tissue Startup ‘Putting the Band Together Again’ 11/25/08 San Diego
San Diego 92037 10/06/08 San Diego
Daily TIPs: Spin Detector, Science Advice, Designer Pigs, & More 09/18/08 National
Novelos Raises $3M in Stock Sale 08/18/08 Boston
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