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Former Auto, Bomber Plant to Become Connected Vehicle Research Center 09/10/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
Toyota Invests $28M in Expansion of Ann Arbor Tech Center 09/06/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
Agero Talks Analytics, Acquisitions After $530M Connected-Car Sale 08/22/13 Boston
Need a Good Mechanic? Fill Up on Recommendations at RepairPal 08/19/13 San Francisco
Agero, Pride of Medford, Sells Texas Business to SiriusXM for $530M 08/15/13 Boston
Tred Brings Cars To Test Drive, But Dealers Still Close the Deal 06/19/13 Seattle
GM Opens Developer Portal Ahead of 4G Car Launch 06/10/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
Nuance Bolsters Automotive Offering with $80M Tweddle Acquisition 05/30/13 Seattle
Bay Area’s TubeMogul Opens Detroit Office to Pursue Automotive Ad Dollars 05/22/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
NYT: Chinese Automakers Building Detroit Presence 05/14/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
Terrafugia Unveils New TF-X Project, Talks Future of Flying Cars 05/06/13 Boston
Automotive Cleantech Fallbrook Technologies Relocates Near Austin 05/02/13 San Diego
Automatic’s App Puts Your Smartphone in Charge of Your Car 04/26/13 National
Canadian Software Firm Red Piston Happy to be in Detroit 04/23/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
EcoMotors CEO Talks $200M Deal With Chinese Manufacturer 04/15/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
INRIX Traffic Data Shows Improving Economy, Big Data Possibilities 03/29/13 Seattle
AutoHarvest Seeks to Become the “Amazon of Innovation” 03/06/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
Notes From the Auto Show: Smarter, Sexier, More Fun 01/25/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
Achates Claims Huge Gains in Fuel Efficiency of Opposed-Piston Design 01/17/13 San Diego
A Pivotal Year in Mobile, Energy, Automobiles, Education 12/27/12 San Francisco
NanoSteel to Open Metro Detroit Office Focusing on Automotive Business 12/13/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
In-Car Health Monitoring: Lemon or Lifesaver? 12/10/12 San Francisco
A123 Files for Bankruptcy, Sells Off Auto Business 10/16/12 Boston
Connected Cars Show New Signs of Life, and Seattle Companies Benefit 08/08/12 Seattle
CarWoo Steps on the Gas Pedal 07/30/12 San Francisco
Auto Supplier Faurecia Delves Into Social Media Marketing 07/24/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Ford’s Sustainability Roadmap: From EVs to a Future Beyond Cars 06/08/12 San Diego
Getaround Aims to Tackle “Car Overpopulation” 06/07/12 San Francisco
ENRG Power Systems Is Ready for Liftoff 05/29/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Angels Favored Healthcare & Internet, With Bigger Rounds in 2011 03/08/12 National
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