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Entry Author Date Location
Torrey Pines Investment Raises $30 Million Toward $150M Target For Next Fund 03/23/10 San Diego
AFraxis CEO Outlines Biotech’s Success With Ultra-Lean Pre-Clinical R&D in Russia 02/26/10 San Diego
NIH Chief Stresses Economic Impact of Federal Biomedical Funding 02/22/10 San Diego
Omeros Moves Closer to IPO, Zymo Drug Fails Arthritis Trials, Uptake Medical Gets $3.4M, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 09/17/09 Seattle
Autism Gets a Boost: Seaside Therapeutics Raises $30M To Develop First Drugs That Might Work 09/17/09 Boston
Why Aren’t There Good Drugs for Autism? Ex-MDRNA Exec Takes a Shot at Pharma’s Neglected Disease 09/14/09 Seattle
Avalon’s aFraxis Raises $750K 06/10/09 San Diego
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