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Entry Author Date Location
Moleskine Goes Digital: The Story Behind Evernote’s Smart Notebook 10/19/12 National
Upgrade, Downgrade: Pokki Offers Windows 8 Users a Familiar Menu 10/18/12 San Diego
Dunkin’ or Starbucks? Placed Tracks Consumer Moves to Find Out 10/18/12 Seattle
Installing an App on Your Genome: 23andMe Opens Up to Developers 09/27/12 San Francisco
The iPhone 5: What’s Missing Is App Discovery 09/25/12 San Francisco
With NextGuide, Dijit Continues the Search for the Perfect TV App 09/10/12 San Francisco
SweetLabs Offers an Option for PCs in Desperate Need of a Makeover 09/05/12 San Diego
Microsoft’s Sneak-Attack on Apple: SkyDrive, Xbox Live Show the Way 08/29/12 Seattle
Wikets Targets Mobile Shopping with Social Recommendation App 08/27/12 Boston
Chalkable Brings Apps, including Khan Academy Math, to Classrooms 08/21/12 New York
The Evolution of the 10-Second Mobile App 08/08/12 Boston
TourSphere Offers Do-It-Yourself Mobile Apps For Visitor Destinations 07/19/12 Boston
T-Mobile’s Bobsled Tackles the App Market, Racks Up 2M Users 07/17/12 Seattle
Insta-Friends? Spanish Hacker Reports Big Instagram Privacy Hole 07/11/12 San Francisco
In Finding Things to Do, Mobile App Uses Calendar for Search 07/11/12 San Diego
Inspired by a New Baby, OfferUp Aims to Simplify Selling Used Stuff 06/27/12 Seattle
Qualcomm Offers Cash Prizes for Mobile Apps at Uplinq Hackathon 06/12/12 National
GetTaxi Grabs $20M from Access Industries, Catches a Ride to New York 06/06/12 New York
Buddy Platform Open for Business, Raises $1M for App Backend Service 05/30/12 Seattle
Bye, SocialEyes: Startup Drops Video Chat, Goes Mobile with Sidecar 05/22/12 Seattle
Five Questions for E&Y’s David DeMarco on the Future of Health IT 05/15/12 New York
Style Mavens on Fashion 2.0: It’s About Great Products, Not Tech 05/07/12 New York
Giffen Solutions, Created by Fed-Up Doc, Connects MDs and Patients 05/02/12 New York
SD Life Sciences Roundup: Amylin, Illumina, AstraZeneca Acquires Ardea, & More 04/27/12 San Diego
Buildium, Boosted by Real Estate Bust, Sees a Big Mobile Future 04/16/12 Boston
The Billion-Dollar App: How Apple Propelled Instagram to Success 04/10/12 San Francisco
Notepaper App Showdown: Bamboo, FiftyThree, and Noteshelf 04/06/12 National
Apple and the Cloud: A Cautionary Tale 04/06/12 San Francisco
Five Facts about Mendix, Another Cloud Enterprise App Startup 03/20/12 Boston
Xconomy Mobile Madness 2012: Total Mobility in Pictures 03/19/12 Boston
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