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Entry Author Date Location
BAE Buys Oasys 09/07/10 Boston
Terrafugia Shows Off New Design for Flying Car 07/26/10 Boston
Northrop Grumman Planning First UAV-to-UAV Aerial Refueling 07/01/10 San Diego
Zebigo, Led by Boeing and Blue Origin Vet, Rolls Out Ride-Sharing Network in Seattle 06/02/10 Seattle
Intellectual Ventures President Adriane Brown on Global Impact, Benefits of Being Uncomfortable, and “Positive Change Through People” 05/12/10 Seattle
Modumetal Inks Deal with Steel Producer SDI to Put Nanotech to Work in Bridges and Buildings 05/10/10 Seattle
Top 10 Takeaways From Seattle’s Engineering Summit: Electro-Active Wallpaper, Facebook Is Watching You, and Dendreon Detractors 05/06/10 Seattle
How to Power “Eternal” UAVs in Flight: A LaserMotive Blueprint 05/04/10 Seattle
UW’s O’Donnell Leads National Summit to “Sexify” Engineering, Inspire Students, Entrepreneurs, VCs 04/26/10 Seattle
Tune In Now to Hear “Turbojet Car” Driver Ed Shadle on KUOW 04/06/10 Seattle
Toward a New Land Speed Record: A Day in the Life of the North American Eagle “Turbojet Car” 04/05/10 Seattle
Nick Hanauer, a “High-Functioning Contrarian,” on How to Think About Breakthroughs in Business and Society (Part 2) 03/30/10 Seattle
Who Should You Start a Company With? As Seattle Evolves, FounderDating Has an Answer 01/29/10 Seattle
In Online Advertising Auctions, DataXu’s Rocket Science Turns the Tables in Buyers’ Favor 12/15/09 Boston
Charles Simonyi, Software Giant Turned Space Tourist, Talks Technology and Exploration at UW 10/02/09 Seattle
TriQuint Buys TriAccess 09/03/09 Seattle
Northrop Grumman Takes Center Stage at Unmanned Technologies Confab 08/11/09 San Diego
Unmanned Vehicle Makers from Boston, Seattle, and San Diego (Xconomy’s Cities) Showcase Advances at DC Confab 08/10/09 National
MicroGreen Polymers Grabs $1.6M to Put Green Plastics Into Your Morning Coffee Cup 07/09/09 Seattle
Insitu Wins $30M Canadian Contract 04/22/09 Seattle
First Flight Brings Terrafugia “A New Level of Credibility,” Says CEO Dietrich 03/18/09 Boston
Terrafugia Achieves Maiden Flight—Live Blogging from the Boston Museum of Science 03/18/09 Boston
Countdown to Physics for Future Presidents—See You This Afternoon! 02/09/09 San Diego
Physics For Presidents—And the Voters Who Elect Them! Get Ready for Xconomy’s First San Diego Event 02/06/09 San Diego
$146M Missile Contract for Draper 01/30/09 Boston
Boeing Clips Its Own Wings 01/28/09 Seattle
Tracing the Ancestry of Puget Sound’s Technology Cluster 01/22/09 Seattle
Accelrys CEO Resigns 01/07/09 San Diego
Washington’s Life Sciences Ambassador, Jack Faris, Exits the Stage 12/29/08 Seattle
Dude! San Diego’s Connect Gives Surf Board Maker (And 8 Others) Technology Award 12/12/08 San Diego
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