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Entry Author Date Location
YourMechanic Garners $1,800,000 Seed Financing Round 09/12/12 San Francisco
Amid Talk of Bubble, Xconomy Incubator Guide Grows to 121 Listings 09/06/12 National
Chartio Gives Tools to a New Generation of Database Jockeys 09/06/12 San Francisco
Workday, Nebula, SV Angel: Bay Area Tech News By the Numbers 09/05/12 San Francisco
Hukkster Brings Its Bookmarklets for Finding Discounts to E-commerce 08/28/12 New York
Hiptype Lands $192,000 New Financing 08/24/12 San Francisco
Virool Obtains $2,870,301 New Funding 08/24/12 San Francisco
The Big Themes at Y Combinator’s Summer 2012 Demo Day 08/22/12 San Francisco
Point, Shoot, Print: Picplum Aims to Make Photo Printing Effortless 08/16/12 San Francisco
Gantto Helps Managers Chart a Way Around Project Delays 08/14/12 San Francisco
WePay Discovers Its Hidden Talent: Social Risk Evaluation 08/01/12 San Francisco
CarWoo Steps on the Gas Pedal 07/30/12 San Francisco
Cloudant, Born from Big Science, Looks to Build Big Database Business 07/23/12 Boston
Is Mobile Photo Sharing Still Broken? Kicksend Thinks So 07/19/12 San Francisco
Data, Analytics, & Finding Your OKM: Mixpanel Goes Beyond Page Views 07/11/12 San Francisco
13 Reasons to Be Optimistic About Healthcare, Courtesy of Rock Health 06/14/12 San Francisco
FlightFox Obtains $800,000 New Funding 06/05/12 San Francisco
Leftronic Turns Any Startup Office into a Command Center 06/04/12 San Francisco
PlanGrid Receives $1,100,000 New Financing Round 05/30/12 San Francisco
Medigram Offers a Safe, Legal Alternative to Texting While Doctoring 05/29/12 San Francisco
Twitter’s Former CTO Talks About Joining CornellNYC Tech 05/25/12 New York
Can Facebook’s New Millionaires Save the World? 05/18/12 National
Quirks & Perqs: YC Startups Woo Employees with Unusual Benefits 05/16/12 San Francisco
N Reduce Opens Up As Alternative to Ultra-Elite Startup Incubators 05/14/12 San Francisco
Priceonomics Garners $1,500,000 Seed Funding 05/07/12 San Francisco
Xconomist of the Week: Michael Greeley Dissects the VC Data 04/26/12 National
Sparkology Puts Elite Spin on Dating and Competes to Enter Y Combinator 04/24/12 New York
E-Commerce Startup Material Wrld Opens up Fashionistas’ Closets 04/23/12 New York
The Most Interesting Y Combinator Winter 2012 Startups 03/28/12 San Francisco
Boston’s Deal News: Tracelytics, Tesaro, & A New Innovation Center 03/28/12 Boston
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