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Entry Author Date Location
San Diego Opens CyberHive to Incubate Cybersecurity Startups 02/14/13 San Diego
When Freemium Ain’t Free: Crowdbooster Offers a Painful Case Study 01/30/13 San Francisco
Marketing Tech Developer Unified Acquires Y Combinator-Alum PageLever 01/29/13 New York
Harvard i-lab Sprouts Startups: Nucleik, PollVaultr, Vaxess, & More 01/28/13 Boston
The Muse Receives $1,200,000 Seed Funding 01/25/13 New York
NJ Coworking Spaces Chase Momentum on the Other Side of the Hudson 01/07/13 New York
Bump Brings Flock Photo-Sharing App to Android 12/18/12 San Francisco
Leaky Lands $670,000 Seed Round 12/06/12 San Francisco
Science Exchange Creates a Trading Post for Research Services 11/29/12 San Francisco
Broken iPhone? Call iCracked, the Aspiring “AAA of Smartphones” 11/28/12 San Francisco
Y Combinator Alters Investment Package to Avoid “Contested Divorces” 11/26/12 San Francisco
Amicus Receives $3,200,000 New Financing Round 11/13/12 New York
Privy Gets Global Experience at 500 Startups Accelerator 10/31/12 Boston
Four New Energy Stars: A Greenstart Demo Day Preview 10/30/12 San Francisco
SmartAsset Receives $1,500,000 New Round 10/30/12 New York
The Flexibility to Explore: Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Early History 10/22/12 San Francisco
Clever Garners $3,000,000 Seed Funding 10/22/12 San Francisco
FundersClub Secures $6,000,000 New Funding 10/19/12 San Francisco
Ginzametrics Helps Huge Sites Get More Search & Social Attention 10/10/12 San Francisco
Coinbase Obtains $618,700 New Funding 10/03/12 San Francisco Obtains $1,298,000 New Financing 10/03/12 San Francisco
MyVR Obtains $1,400,000 Seed Financing Round 09/29/12 San Francisco
Grishin Robotics Puts $250K into Y Combinator-Grad Double Robotics 09/21/12 New York
Why Journalists Shouldn’t Try to Think Like Investors 09/14/12 National
Y Combinator Gets an Historian: Inside YC’s Summer 2011 Session 09/13/12 San Francisco
YourMechanic Garners $1,800,000 Seed Financing Round 09/12/12 San Francisco
Amid Talk of Bubble, Xconomy Incubator Guide Grows to 121 Listings 09/06/12 National
Chartio Gives Tools to a New Generation of Database Jockeys 09/06/12 San Francisco
Workday, Nebula, SV Angel: Bay Area Tech News By the Numbers 09/05/12 San Francisco
Hukkster Brings Its Bookmarklets for Finding Discounts to E-commerce 08/28/12 New York
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