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Entry Author Date Location
Massachusetts: The Global Cluster of Water Innovation? 10/09/12 Boston
Water Innovation in Massachusetts: 31 Startups and Counting 09/27/12 Boston
Energy Points Harnesses $3M, Wants to Create Sustainability Standard 02/13/12 Boston
Understanding the Human Element of Startups: Inside NCIIA’s VentureLab 09/05/11 Boston
Halosource Secures Approval in China 05/10/11 Seattle
AC/DC Controversy of the 1880s Applies to Natural Gas Today: Reflections After 2011 MIT Energy Conference 03/11/11 Boston
Tippr’s Legal Intrigue, PhotoRocket’s Debut, Untangling Earmarks, and More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 03/01/11 Seattle
Desh Deshpande on Starting Merrimack Valley Innovation Center—and Making a Global Impact from Massachusetts to India 01/06/11 Boston
NW Cleantech Open Names Nanocel, Puralytics, and Arcimoto as Finalists 10/05/10 Seattle
Fifteen Green Companies Compete For Finalist Slots at the Cleantech Open Today 10/04/10 Seattle
IBM’s Software Acquisition Strategy in Massachusetts (Plus Tips on Getting Acquired) From VP Mike Loria 09/20/10 Boston
Back from Labor Day: Three Posts You Should Read 09/07/10 National
Practically Green, Led by Former Globe Exec, Uses Social Media and Game Mechanics to Spread Green Living 07/27/10 Boston
UW Prof Shwetak Patel’s Energy Startup, Zensi, Bought by Belkin 04/21/10 Seattle
Five Things Entrepreneurs and Innovators in Michigan Can Do to Reinvigorate Our Regional Economy 04/20/10 Detroit
10 Ideas for Strengthening Michigan’s Innovation Economy 04/20/10 Detroit
Nova Analytics Sale to ITT Provides “Very Good” Outcome for Battery Ventures 02/17/10 Boston
Tantalus Raises New Financing for Smart-Grid Wireless Technologies 01/19/10 Seattle
Net Neutrality: The Story of The Seven Pipes 01/13/10 Boston
Top Five Global Health Innovations of the 2000s 12/30/09 Seattle
Ringing in a New Year With Predictions for Hot Software Sectors 12/28/09 San Diego
Principle Power Combines Waves, Wind 10/12/09 Seattle
Pivotal Makes First Investment in Solar, Bets Small and Strategic on Northwest Cleantech 08/27/09 Seattle
Five Unsung Heroes of the Seattle Tech Scene 08/20/09 Seattle
MIT Sloan Prof, Richard Locke, Talks Sustainability at Amazon, Intel, Nike 08/12/09 Seattle
Top 10 Lessons in Starting Companies and Commercializing Technologies, from UW Panel 08/03/09 Seattle
R.W. Beck Aligns with SAIC, Blackbox Republic Gets Seeded, Bio Architecture Lab Raises Cash, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 07/21/09 Seattle
Insights into SAIC’s Acquisition of R.W. Beck for $155M—and Beck’s Strategy in Energy, Water 07/20/09 Seattle
Clean Water, Little Fuss: PATH and Cascade Designs Bring Purifiers to Africa 07/14/09 Seattle
Cleaner Water Through Biotech? 349Q Kills Water-Borne Microbes with RNAi 04/27/09 Boston
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