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Michigan State’s InPore Hopes to Churn Out Better Wind Turbines Through Chemistry 06/15/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Former WTIA Head Ken Myer Joins UW Center for Commercialization 05/10/10 Seattle
Five Ways to Boost Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Michigan 04/22/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
10 Ideas for Strengthening Michigan’s Innovation Economy 04/20/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Burnham Snags $50M Gift, Sparks Translation of Basic Science into New Treatments 01/26/10 San Diego
Scripps’ Young Tech Transfer Boss Seeks to Cut Deals With Industry, Not Just Push Paper 12/03/09 San Diego
Rested and Ready, Pathway Medical Founder Scouts UW, Gets Itch to Start Something New 12/02/09 Seattle
Top 10 Lessons in Starting Companies and Commercializing Technologies, from UW Panel 08/03/09 Seattle
UW’s Connie Bourassa-Shaw on the Genetics of Entrepreneurs, and Why Seattle Is Startup Mecca 04/16/09 Seattle
Navy Showcases R&D Lab to Business Community and High Tech Execs 04/09/09 San Diego
UW Startups Have the Tech Part Down, Need Management Talent, Says Janis Machala 02/02/09 Seattle
UW Starts Program to Train Faculty in the Art of Startups 01/30/09 Seattle
How To Invent: Tips on Global Technology from Patrick Ennis of Intellectual Ventures (Part 1) 12/11/08 Seattle
EnerG2, Backed by OVP and Firelake, Wants to Own Energy Storage in the Electricity Economy 11/18/08 Seattle
Microsoft Spins Out Sabi 11/13/08 Seattle
Welcome to Seattle, Al Gore—Can UW Startups Get Some VC Love? 10/24/08 Seattle
UW TechTransfer’s Linden Rhoads Aiming to Nurture More Startups, Entice More VCs to Look at UW’s Research Cupboard 08/27/08 Seattle
University of Washington, Allied Minds Team Up to Launch Biofuel Company, AXI 08/13/08 Seattle
Healionics Gets Kudos in Congress, Contracts from Companies 08/12/08 Seattle
University of Washington Tech Transfer Group, LaunchPad, Is Looking for the Next Big Startup 06/19/08 Seattle
As iRobot and University of Washington Team Up, Robotic-Sub Competition Heats Up 06/13/08 Boston
Harvard’s Guru of Tech Transfer: More Seed Funding, Industry Deals Afoot—and the Social Mission is Key 04/04/08 Boston
UMass Doles out $240,000 to Turn Research Ideas into Commercial Products 03/27/08 Boston
Harvard Launches New Biomedical Fund Round—Hires CombinatoRx Co-Founder to Help Run Effort 02/08/08 Boston
State Awards Program Aims to Hasten Technologies’ Journey From Lab to Market 02/06/08 Boston
Building Better Bridges Over the Valley of Death—An Optimist’s View 12/03/07 Boston
Tiny Massachusetts Agency Seeks to Leverage State’s $5.5 Billion in Federal Research Funds-Can it Succeed? 09/11/07 Boston
Second-Order Effects of Research Funding Sources: Is the U.S. Innovation Pipeline Headed for a Hiccup? 09/10/07 Boston
Boston’s New Generation of University Spinoffs 09/06/07 Boston
Want to Maximize University Tech Transfer? Here’s a Little Advice 08/13/07 Boston
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