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Entry Author Date Location
Ask Bill Gates Anything: Being a Billionaire is Strange, Microsoft Co-Founder Tells Students 10/27/11 Seattle
Northwest Deals: Hootsuite, Symform, Avalara, X2Impact, Osprit 09/16/11 Seattle
Seattle, Meet Shopobot: Amid Amazon Sales Tax Fight, Comparison-Shopping Startup Flees San Francisco 09/15/11 Seattle
Computer Science Tuition Could Rise Faster than Other Degrees Under New WA Rules 06/08/11 Seattle
Zendesk to Precede Twitter in Downtown SF 06/03/11 San Francisco
ValueAppeal Adds $1.6M 06/01/11 Seattle
Zaarly on Capitol Hill: Why the Startup Ecosystem Matters 05/13/11 Seattle
PayPal’s Pickup of Fig Card, the End of Eons, and the Bose-MIT Lovefest—Some Thoughts 05/02/11 Boston
Twitter Will Move to Market Street 04/22/11 San Francisco
AT&T Grabs T-Mobile, Online Retail’s Tax Drain, Thoughts from “Chasm” Author Geoffrey Moore, & More in the Seattle-area Tech Roundup 03/22/11 Seattle
Online Sales “Leakage” Costing WA About $740M Over Two Years—Even With Amazon Collecting Sales Taxes 03/18/11 Seattle
Tippr and BuyWithMe’s Round 2, Dissecting Amazon’s Sales Tax Skirmishes, Clearwire’s Shakeup, & More in Seattle-Area Tech News 03/15/11 Seattle
Amazon’s Multi-State Sales Tax Battles are a Sideshow to the Real National Solution, and the Politicians Know It 03/11/11 Seattle
Michigan Economic Development Chief Defends Governor’s Tax Proposals 03/07/11 Detroit
Snyder’s First Michigan Budget: One (Tax) Rate to Rule Them All 02/17/11 Detroit
The World’s Most Innovative City 02/02/11 Boston
U-M Leaders Say Snyder Pick Good News for Startup Community, But Worry He’ll Be Held Up by Bureaucracy 11/10/10 Detroit
Big Opportunity for an “Enterprise Town” in Detroit, Says E-mail Pioneer Nathaniel Borenstein 11/02/10 Detroit
U.S. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Council Quietly Holds First Meeting in DC, Starting with Steve Case-Hosted Dinner 09/02/10 National
The Story Behind Rick Snyder: Seasoned Tech Entrepreneur Wins Michigan GOP Primary 08/04/10 Detroit
Overshooting and Undershooting: Scale Venture Partners’ Kate Mitchell and Rory O’Driscoll on the VC Pendulum Swing 07/29/10 San Francisco
Venture Mechanics, Led by Ron Wiener, Opens “Berkubator” for Tech Startups, Introduces Three New Companies 05/27/10 Seattle
Tech Tidbits: Gist Vs. Smartsheet in Google Apps, Display Week Demos, and the Carried Interest Debate 05/24/10 Seattle
New “Innovation Tax” Puts Tech Industry and Professional Service Firms at Risk 03/10/10 Seattle
Top Five Trends in the Future of Work 01/19/10 Seattle
Taxing Times for Amazon in Japan, U.S. 07/06/09 Seattle
Amazon Pulls the Plug on Rhode Island Affiliates 06/29/09 Boston
Eric Rosenfeld of Capybara Ventures on the Portland Technology and Innovation Scene 06/04/09 Seattle
A123Systems Gets $100M in Tax Breaks to Expand in Michigan 04/14/09 Boston
Long Live Microsoft, Farewell Yahoo, and Flat Is the New Up: A Panel of Predictions for 2009 11/12/08 Seattle
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