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Stock Options—a Golden Ticket? 08/05/15 Boston
Ireland Notebook: A Look at National Labs and Research Centers 11/03/14 National
Tax Scrutiny Highlights Need to Boost Ireland’s Homegrown Tech Scene 11/03/14 National
GE Healthcare Study Quantifies Economic Impact of Madison Operation 03/13/14 Wisconsin
Avalara Adds $30M to Fuel Sales-Tax Software Growth 02/13/14 Seattle
Tax Revolt by California Entrepreneurs Ends in Victory 10/07/13 San Francisco
How We Overturned the Retroactive Tax on Startup Founders 10/07/13 Boston
CA Lawmakers Punt Decision on Startup Tax to Governor 09/17/13 San Francisco
“Tech Tax” Repeal Coming, Lawmakers Say, After Last-Minute Lobbying 09/12/13 Boston
“Do or Die” Moment for Foes of Retroactive Tax in California 08/27/13 San Francisco
New State “Technology Tax” Is Really a Tax on Innovation 08/14/13 Boston
Boston Roundup: Rapid Micro Bio, Athenahealth, RunKeeper, & More 06/26/13 Boston
Amazon’s Grocery Expansion: A Match Made in Sales-Tax Heaven 06/05/13 Seattle
A Call for the 113th Congress to Support an Innovation Agenda 03/20/13 San Diego
Amazon, eBay Wrestling Over Newest Online Sales Tax Plan 02/14/13 Seattle
CEOs, Legislators Fight Retroactive Tax on Small-Business Investors 01/29/13 San Francisco
The Surreal, Ironic Story Behind California’s Retroactive Tax on Investors 01/24/13 San Francisco
California To Hit Startup Founders with Big Retroactive Tax Bills 01/15/13 San Francisco
The War on Success Will Rage On 12/31/12 Seattle
Amazon’s Huge Appetite for Workers to Take a Bite Out of Boston 12/14/12 Boston
Xconomy’s Post-Election Innovation Priority Poll—The Results 11/09/12 National
Xconomy’s Post-Election Innovation Priority Poll 11/08/12 National
Tech Tidbits: New Google Guy, Amazon & Taxes, GameHouse & Kindle 09/18/12 Seattle
Amazon’s Shareholder Spectacle and the Fight Over Seattle 05/24/12 Seattle
From MIT Entrepreneur to Tea Party Leader: The Thomas Massie Story 05/17/12 Boston
Just In Time for Tax Day, Offers Instant Expertise 03/27/12 San Francisco
Xconomist of the Week: Rapundalo on How the Affordable Care Act May Thwart Innovation 03/15/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Energy Subsidies: A Historical Perspective 12/12/11 National
Amazon Admits it: Collecting Sales Taxes Not So Hard Anymore 11/30/11 Seattle
Decide, Avalara, Brad Feld: Pre-Turkey Gems from the Seattle Tech Scene 11/23/11 Seattle
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