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Entry Author Date Location
Violin Memory Tunes In to $35M 02/07/11 San Francisco
Cirtas Raises $22.5M, Names CEO 01/25/11 San Francisco
Coraid Raises $25M 11/15/10 San Francisco
$8.5M for Gluster 11/09/10 San Francisco Creates “News Feed” for Business Documents in the Cloud, Takes On Microsoft in Collaborative Software 09/28/10 San Francisco
Cirtas Decloaks, Collects $10M 09/20/10 San Francisco
SandForce Raises $25M 09/15/10 San Francisco
StorSimple Socks Away $13M 09/14/10 San Francisco
HP Wins Bidding War for 3Par 09/02/10 San Francisco
VMware Adds Integrien and TriCipher to Up Its Cloud Computing Power 09/01/10 San Francisco
HP, Dell in 3Par Bidding War 08/27/10 San Francisco
Don’t Confuse Getting to Market with Building a Company: Charles River Ventures’ Izhar Armony Busts Some Micro-VC Myths 08/27/10 Boston
Cisco Leads $10M Atlantis Round 08/25/10 San Francisco
HP Makes Rival Bid for 3Par 08/23/10 San Francisco
Dell Offers $1.15B for 3Par 08/16/10 San Francisco
Mark Hurd’s Real Legacy at Hewlett-Packard: Reverticalization 08/09/10 San Francisco
Pancetera Gets $5M, New CEO 08/02/10 San Francisco
Disney Buys Playdom, Adobe Buys Day, & More Mid-Week Deals News Around Silicon Valley 07/28/10 San Francisco
Axcient Pulls in $9M 07/16/10 San Francisco
“Atmos Inside”: EMC’s Grand Plan to Unify Public and Private Clouds 03/22/10 Boston
Iron Mountain Drinks in Mimosa 02/22/10 Boston
Carbonite Stores Up $20M More 01/07/10 Boston
Aveo Aims for $86M Debut, Exagrid Snags $16M, PatientKeeper Adds $13M, & More Boston-Area Deals News 12/18/09 Boston
GlassHouse Raises $2M 12/16/09 Boston
$16 Million More for Exagrid 12/15/09 Boston
San Diego’s Verari Systems Restructuring its Data Storage Business 12/14/09 San Diego
AutoVirt Adds Another $5M 11/25/09 Boston
Foster Hinshaw Back in Command at Dataupia; News of Company’s Death Greatly Exaggerated, He Says 11/17/09 Boston
EMC Snags Intel Exec, Shuffles Top Office to Deliver Blended Technologies 09/14/09 Boston
GreenBytes Closes Round, Rolls Out Storage Appliance 09/14/09 Boston
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