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Entry Author Date Location
Exoskeletons In My Closet: What Raytheon’s Robotic Suit Really Means for the Field 10/04/10 Boston
Anybots, Y Combinator’s Housemate, Brings Remote-Controlled Robots to the White-Collar World 09/24/10 National
Take Home an Open Source Robot from Willow Garage for $400,000 09/08/10 San Francisco
Rodney Brooks, Founder of iRobot and Heartland Robotics, To Retire From MIT 06/28/10 Boston
Heartland Robotics Hires New CEO 06/04/10 Boston
Michigan as the Distribution and Logistics Hub of the Midwest 05/12/10 Detroit
Fuel Cell Developer Adaptive Materials On Finding Engineers and the Company’s Future 04/28/10 Detroit
Fuel Cell Developer Adaptive Materials Is Michigan Success Story; Maybe Too Successful 04/27/10 Detroit
FIRST Robotics Regionals Bring Sports Fervor to Engineering 03/30/10 Boston
Dynadec, Harvest, and Konarka: A Trio of Friday Fundings 01/08/10 Boston
Charles Simonyi, Software Giant Turned Space Tourist, Talks Technology and Exploration at UW 10/02/09 Seattle
Robonica President, an Ex-Hasbro Exec, Hopes to Put Boston Back on Toy Industry Map with Rolling Robots 09/28/09 Boston
Heartland Robotics Confirms $7M Funding Round; Charles River Ventures in Lead Role 09/08/09 Boston
Amazon’s Acquisition of Zappos Is “A Good Thing for Kiva,” Says Robot Company’s CEO 07/23/09 Boston
Of FIRST Robotics “Lunacy” and A Shout Out to “Dancin’” Woz 03/09/09 Boston
IRobot Co-Founder Greiner Launches Stealth Robotics Company, The Droid Works 02/09/09 Boston
Gap Will Employ Kiva Robots 01/12/09 Boston
IRobot Wins 6 R&D Grants 11/17/08 Boston
Helen Greiner Speaks: Next Up After iRobot is Service, Kite-Boarding, and Gearing Up for a New Adventure…in Robotics 10/22/08 Boston
IRobot Co-Founder Greiner Resigns as Chair of Board 10/22/08 Boston
iRobot Wins $3.75M Army Contract to Develop Warrior Robot 10/02/08 Boston
IRobot To Deliver 165 More PackBots, Spare Parts to U.S. Army 09/25/08 Boston
Kiva Robots Deliver Diapers 09/17/08 Boston
New Roomba Vacuums Tackle Pet-Hair Woes 09/03/08 Boston
IRobot Co-Founder Brooks Leaves to Launch New Robotics Firm Aiming to Revitalize U.S. Workforce 09/02/08 Boston
IRobot Wins Open-Ended, $200M Army Contract: Could Extend Beyond Packbot 09/02/08 Boston
In Coda to Robotic FX Lawsuit, iRobot Introduces Its Own Version of Negotiator Robot 08/06/08 Boston
Q Robotics Emerges from Stealth Mode, Tries To Go One Step Beyond Roomba 07/30/08 Boston
IRobot Grand Opening Pretty Grand 07/01/08 Boston
IRobot Wins $3.3M ChemBot Contract 06/17/08 Boston
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