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Genzyme Reaches Agreement with Activist Investor, Charles River Closes Shrewsbury Lab, Lycera Comes to Cambridge, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 01/13/10 Boston
San Diego’s Organovo Develops Bio-Printer Technology to Engineer New Organs 01/08/10 San Diego
The Kauffman Foundation: Bringing Entrepreneurship Up to Date in Kansas City 10/16/09 National
New Life Sciences Startup Shows UCSD Technology Can Boost Immune Response to Cancer in Mice 10/14/09 San Diego
Pulmatrix, With One Drug for Multiple Bugs, Aims to Fundamentally Change Flu Treatment 06/09/09 Boston
Sirtris Shifts Focus From Resveratrol, Merck Shifts People From Seattle to Boston, Epix Shifts Into Cost-Saving Mode, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 10/29/08 Boston
Biotech Luminaries Huddle at Boston R&D Conference, Mood “Surprisingly Optimistic” 10/23/08 Boston
Building New Life Science Companies: The Bob Langer–Terry McGuire Show on Video 10/22/08 Boston
Pervasis, Maker of Product to Heal Blood Vessels, Hires Genzyme Exec as First CEO 10/21/08 Boston
Synta Snags $25M From GSK, GT Solar and Evergreen Solar Sell More Solar Stuff, Predictive Biosciences Foresees $22M, & More Boston-Area Deals News 10/20/08 Boston
Funding Round Two for T2 and Its Pint-Sized Diagnostic Devices 10/17/08 Boston
Predictive Biosciences Closes $21.75 Million Round to Help Detect Cancer From Urine 10/16/08 Boston
First Inhalable TB Vaccine Being Prepped for Clinical Trials By Harvard, MEND Scientists 10/16/08 Boston
Sirtris Settles in at GSK, Alnylam Raises IP Questions on Bio Bill, Targanta Takes on Cubist’s Market, & More Life Sciences News 09/24/08 Boston
Pulmatrix, Emerging From Stealth Mode, Makes Aerosols to Kill Flu and Bacterial Bugs in the Lungs 09/18/08 Boston
Living Proof’s Frizz-Busting Technology Unveiled, Sort Of 09/11/08 Boston
Proteostasis Therapeutics Procures $45M, Stealthy Startup Gets Serious About Shampoo, MA Life Sciences Center Chief Shares Her Plans, & More Life Sciences News 08/27/08 Boston
Polaris and MIT’s Langer Meet L’Oreal. Don’t Believe It? There’s “Living Proof” 08/26/08 Boston
Announcing Xconomy’s Next Forum: How to Build A Life Sciences Company 08/25/08 Boston
T2 Biosystems Diagnostic Holds Its Own In Comparison Against Hospital Tool 07/15/08 Boston
Vertex Moves Hepatitis Drug Forward, Merrimack Rakes in $60M, Biogen and Icahn Trade Barbs, & More Life Sciences News 06/12/08 Boston
Langer Wins Millennium Technology Prize, World’s Biggest Innovation Award 06/11/08 Boston
T2 Biosystems: Can a Who’s Who of Local Biotech Change the Way Disease is Diagnosed? 02/08/08 Boston
Sir2 Roads Diverged: Elixir Co-founder Joins Rival Sirtris 11/19/07 Boston
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