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Entry Author Date Location
Regulus Therapeutics, Spinoff of Isis and Alnylam, Forms $750M MicroRNA Deal With Sanofi 06/22/10 San Diego
Leroy Hood’s Personalized Medicine Vision Enters Proving Ground at Ohio State 05/18/10 Seattle
Bill Gates Backs Schrödinger, Bonanzle Lands Angel-VC Deal, Qliance Scores Big-Name Cash, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 05/04/10 Seattle
Mirina Nabs $3.9M 04/29/10 Seattle
Accelerator’s Mirina Advances, Qliance Nabs Bezos Bucks, Spiration Adds $6.5M Debt, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 04/29/10 Seattle
Accelerator’s MicroRNA Play, Mirina, Forges Ahead With One More Year of Cash 04/26/10 Seattle
Regulus, the MicroRNA Child of Isis and Alnylam, Strikes Potential $150M Deal with Glaxo 02/25/10 San Diego
Alnylam Maps Out First Steps in ‘RNA Decade’ 01/11/10 Boston
Regulus Adds IP from Baltimore Lab 12/17/09 San Diego
Nobel Laureate from Caltech, RNAi Leader To Headline Xconomy San Diego Event on Monday 12/09/09 San Diego
San Diego Biotech Leaders on the Future of Stem Cells, MicroRNA, & Cancer Biology 12/01/09 San Diego
NanoString Forges Closer Ties With Broad Institute to See What Genetic Tool Can Really Do 11/18/09 Seattle
Aileron’s New Class of Drugs Shown to Get Inside Cells to Block Prime Cancer Target 11/11/09 Boston
Who Will Create the Future of San Diego Biotech? Xconomy Event Will Gather Star Innovators From Inside and Outside the Region 11/10/09 San Diego
Santaris Nabs Isis, Amgen Vets 10/28/09 San Diego
Yale startup 3PrimiR Raises $2.1M 09/16/09 Boston
MicroRNA Drug Developer Santaris Establishes Toehold in San Diego With Isis Veteran 09/16/09 San Diego
$50M for Helicon, Cytori Bulks Up, Avanir Awaits Trial Results, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 07/30/09 San Diego
Alnylam and Isis’ Offspring, Regulus, Keeps Pushing on Biology’s ‘Bleeding Edge’ 07/28/09 San Diego
Archemix Signs MicroRNA Deal 07/23/09 Boston
Regulus Hits GSK Milestone 05/14/09 San Diego
Leroy Hood, ISB Scientists Spot Genes For “Mad Cow” Disease; May Lead to Diagnostic Test 03/24/09 Seattle
Alnylam Looks to Spinoffs To Unleash RNAi Technologies for Stem Cells, Vaccines 02/18/09 Boston
Regulus, Leading Developer of MicroRNA Drugs, Prepares to Get Independence from Alnylam and Isis 01/21/09 San Diego
MicroRNA Leaps Ahead: Alnylam-Isis Venture, Regulus, Shows Its Drug Works in Animals With Heart Failure 11/30/08 San Diego
Alnylam–Isis Venture Regulus, Leader in MicroRNA Drugs, Aspires to Create New Paradigm of Treatments 10/24/08 San Diego
Dendreon Proceeds With Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials, AXI Gets Oil from Algae, PATH Prepares to Launch “Ultra Rice,” & More Deals News 08/18/08 Seattle
Accelerator Bankrolls New Company, Mirina, To Develop MicroRNA-Blocking Drugs 08/15/08 Seattle
Rocky Mountain High: Atlas Venture Is Banking on microRNA for Miragen 05/22/08 Boston
Alnylam Joint Venture Regulus Inks Deal with GSK Worth up to $600 Million 04/17/08 Boston
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