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Entry Author Date Location
Ventower Debuts Wind Turbine Plant 08/10/11 Detroit
BSX Pumps $150M Into China Presence 07/27/11 Boston
Energy Secretary Chu Promotes New Detroit-based R&D Partnership With Military 07/18/11 Detroit
Will Detroit Get Shut Out Of China’s Electric Vehicle Market? 07/11/11 Detroit
Whereto, China? 07/11/11 Boston
TeraDiode, MIT Lincoln Lab Spinoff, Trying to Create the Future of Laser Weapons & Welding 07/05/11 Boston
Dendreon Gets FDA Nod for New LA Cancer Drug Factory 06/29/11 Seattle
BioMarin Grabs Plant From Pfizer 06/23/11 San Francisco
InPore Switches Gears; Michigan State University Startup Now Targets Flame Retardants Instead of Wind Turbines 06/20/11 Detroit
1366 Nabs $150M DOE Loan 06/17/11 Boston
TechShop Detroit Facility (Finally) Will Debut In October 06/17/11 Detroit
Converting Gas Guzzlers To Hybrids; ALTe Targets Government And Commercial Fleets With Conversion Kits 06/16/11 Detroit
Delphi Automotive Owes Its Current Success To….Medical Devices? 06/13/11 Detroit
Stage 2 Innovations CEO Offers Details On New $100 Million Fund 05/26/11 Detroit
Report: AstraZeneca to Lay Off 135 in MA 05/19/11 Boston
German Wind Turbine Maker Kenersys To Establish Hemisphere Headquarters In Michigan 05/17/11 Detroit
Delmia Pushes Its Digital Manufacturing Software Beyond Automobiles 05/04/11 Detroit
Social vs. Manufacturing: Differences in American and Scandinavian Startup Culture 04/27/11 Boston
Rodney Brooks at NVCA: Why the World Needs Robots, and What VCs Need to Watch Out For 04/07/11 Boston
Hello Ambassador Locke, Can You Get Me On the Line With China, Inc.? 03/10/11 Seattle
CHiL Semiconductor Acquired for $75M by International Rectifier 02/28/11 Boston
What Happened to the Smart Cars? Ford’s Efforts to Impress NYT Columnist Evidently Fall Short 02/28/11 Detroit
Get Set for Michigan 2031: Xconomy’s First Detroit Event to Examine State’s Innovation Landscape 20 Years Ahead 02/24/11 Detroit
U-M adds more tenants to Venture Accelerator 02/15/11 Detroit
iWalk Before You iRun: MIT Prosthetics Startup Ramps Up Operations With New VC Money 01/26/11 Boston
Michigan Startups Reflect National Resurgence in Venture Capital Dollars 01/25/11 Detroit
Evergreen Solar to Shut Down Massachusetts Plant, Lay Off 800 Workers 01/11/11 Boston
Qualcomm Spending $1B on Mirasol Fab Plant in Taiwan 01/03/11 San Diego
Northern Power Systems Tapping Michigan Partners for Utility-Scale Wind Business 12/21/10 Detroit
Relume Technologies Foresees Growth Driven by Advances in LED Displays, Smart Grid 12/07/10 Detroit
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