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Entry Author Date Location
Okta Obtains $27,000,000 Series D Funding 09/12/13 San Francisco
Okta Receives $27,000,000 Series D Funding 09/12/13 San Francisco
Greylock’s Andy Johns on Web Growth: “You’re Training a Mentality” 08/30/13 San Diego
Expect Labs Anticipates a Day when the Computer Is Always Listening 08/20/13 San Francisco
OpenView, Data Point Capital Betting on Metrics in Fickle VC World 08/07/13 Boston
Synack Obtains $1,500,000 Seed Funding 08/01/13 Boston
Tidemark Lands $13,000,000 New Financing 08/01/13 San Francisco
Union Bay Networks Receives $1,850,000 New Round 07/30/13 Seattle
Rally Investors, Executives Cash In With $114M Follow-On Offering 07/26/13 Boulder/Denver
Tillman Gerngross’ Plan to Revamp Tech Transfer at Dartmouth 07/24/13 Boston
Harvard Professor Steps Down to Pilot Warp Drive Bio 07/02/13 Boston
Wrapp Garners $15,000,000 Series B Round 06/14/13 San Francisco
Skyhigh Networks Lands $20,000,000 Series B Round 05/23/13 San Francisco
Swipely Swipes $12M More to Advance “Operating System for Local Commerce” 05/21/13 Boston
Swipely Lands $12,000,000 Series B Financing 05/21/13 Boston
Going Beyond Early Promises, NY Works On Its Follow-Through (Part 2) 05/17/13 New York
Apptio Receives $45,000,000 Series E Funding Round 05/17/13 Seattle
Matterport Isn’t Playing Games with Kinect-Style 3D Camera 05/16/13 San Francisco
CrowdMed Receives $1,100,000 Seed Financing Round 04/17/13 San Francisco
Recurious Obtains $1,500,000 New Round 04/17/13 San Francisco
Instart Logic Lands $17,000,000 Series B Funding 04/17/13 San Francisco
Rally Beats Expectations With $84M IPO, Shares to Trade This Morning 04/12/13 Boulder/Denver
Actifio Adds $50M, Goes Big in Noisy Data Management Market 03/06/13 Boston
Hybris Software Garners $30,000,000 New Round 03/06/13 Boston
ActiFio Garners $50,000,000 New Financing 03/06/13 Boston
Red Hot Labs Garners $1,500,000 Seed Funding 03/01/13 San Francisco
Agari Obtains $5,000,000 New Round 02/26/13 San Francisco
Cloze Goes Live with Mobile App to Combat E-mail and Social Overload 02/19/13 Boston
Morta Security Garners Series A Funding Round 02/14/13 San Francisco
Nextdoor Obtains $21,300,000 New Funding 02/12/13 San Francisco
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