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Entry Author Date Location
Urban Compass Lands $8,000,000 Seed Financing Round 12/18/12 New York
New England Tech Lawsuit Update: Formlabs, Skyhook, VGo, & More 12/11/12 Boston
Who Are Biotech’s New Go-To Investment Bankers? 11/12/12 National
BrightSource Energy Garners $80,000,000 New Funding Round 10/25/12 San Francisco
Gazelle Leaps Past $35M in Revenue, Pushed by iPhone 5 10/10/12 Boston
Genomes-R-Us: Is BGI now Complete? 09/25/12 Boston
Foundation Medicine Grabs $42.5M For Cancer Genome Test 09/20/12 Boston
Zendesk Receives $60,000,000 New Financing 09/12/12 Boston
Zendesk Obtains $60,000,000 New Funding Round 09/12/12 Boston
On Deck Capital Garners $97,000,000 New Financing 08/23/12 San Diego
Nutanix Garners $33,000,000 Series C Funding Round 08/22/12 San Francisco
Illumina, Leaning on Amazon, Looks to Be Hub of Genomic Computing 07/24/12 San Diego
Join Us for a Twitter Chat with Atlas Venture’s Fred Destin Today at 3pm ET 06/06/12 Boston
AnchorFree Obtains $52,000,000 Series C Funding Round 05/22/12 San Francisco
Fluid Secures $24,000,000 New Round 02/22/12 Detroit
Fashion Tech Startups Emerging From Harvard B-School Runway in Droves 02/14/12 Boston
BeachMint Garners $35,000,000 New Funding 01/26/12 San Diego
Polyvore Receives $14,000,000 Series C Financing 01/23/12 San Francisco
As Internet TV Soars, Verimatrix Software Keeps the “Pay” in Pay-TV 01/04/12 San Diego
Cyber-Ark Software Receives $40,000,000 New Round 12/22/11 Boston
Cyber-Ark Closes $40M, Looks to Go Big in Security 12/21/11 Boston
Digital Media Center Looks Ahead at Financing Scene for 2012 12/07/11 New York
Uber Lands $32,000,000 Series B Funding Round 12/07/11 San Francisco
HackNY Connects Future Innovators to New York’s Startup Scene 11/09/11 New York
Illumina Takes Page From Apple Playbook, in Blending Hardware and Software for the Genome 10/20/11 San Francisco
DNAnexus, With Google Ventures and TPG’s Cash, Seeks Edge in $100B Genome Computing Market 10/19/11 San Francisco
NextBio Sees Growth in Next Market: Physicians Seeking Help Interpreting Individual Genomes 10/18/11 San Francisco
Networked Insights Secures $20,000,000 New Funding Round 09/30/11 Detroit
ZocDoc Adds $25M to Series C Funding 09/22/11 New York
ZocDoc Receives $25,000,000 Series C Financing Round 09/22/11 New York
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