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Entry Author Date Location
Digital Chocolate Eats Up Sandlot Games 08/20/11 San Francisco
6waves Lolapps Raise $35M 08/05/11 San Francisco
Kixeye Scores $18M 08/04/11 San Francisco
Midweek Roundup: AdXpose & Griptonite Sold, Clearwire Reaches for LTE, Fundraising Tidbits 08/03/11 Seattle
How Game Psychology Helped Startup Weekend Become a Global Phenomenon 08/03/11 Seattle
EA Buys PopCap Games for up to $1.3B, Says Seattle Company Will Keep Doing its Thing 07/12/11 Seattle, Facebook, Skype, Iota, Moai: The 1-Minute Week in Seattle Tech News 07/12/11 Seattle
Zipline’s Moai Powering “Crimson,” the First Mobile Game Release through Bungie Aerospace 07/06/11 Seattle
Zynga Files for $1B IPO 07/01/11 San Francisco
PopCap on the Block, Cloud Deals Aplenty, VC Anxiety, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 06/28/11 Seattle
The Supreme Court’s 7-2 Decision on Video Games as Free Speech Masks a 5-4 Split 06/27/11 San Francisco
Sir Mix-A-Lot, Giant Thinkwell to Posse Up 06/17/11 Seattle
A Roundup of Summer Startup Competitions, from Healthcare IT to Dark Matter 05/27/11 San Francisco
CrowdStar Collects $23M 05/27/11 San Francisco
Seattle Goes Hollywood: Four Startups Aiming to Help Studios, Celebs Embrace the Digital Age 05/25/11 Seattle
Microsoft Gobbles Skype, Gamification’s Present and Future, Bill Gates on Clean Energy, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 05/17/11 Seattle
Amazon, PopCap Strike Deal 05/16/11 Seattle
Funzio Wins $20M 05/10/11 San Francisco
BigDoor Media Adds Power-Hitter Client: Seattle Startup Brings Gamification to Major League Baseball’s Website 05/10/11 Seattle
Striptease Threats, Aggressive Shushing & Mascot Mania: Memorable Moments from the Seattle 2.0 Awards 05/06/11 Seattle
Bertlesmann Grabs Smashing Ideas 05/05/11 Seattle
EA Buys Firemint 05/03/11 San Francisco
Smartphone Robots, Insect-Wing Wind Power, Online Video Game Tourneys & More Notes from the UW Business Plan Competition 04/28/11 Seattle
GREE Buys OpenFeint for $104M 04/21/11 San Francisco
PopCap, Eyeing an IPO this Fall, Talks Revenue Growth, Shifting Platforms, & Zynga Jealousy in a Blitz with Media, Investors 04/18/11 Seattle
Tiny Speck Gets $10.7M for Glitch 04/13/11 San Francisco
Siobhan Quinn Says “Technology is the Underdog” in New York; A Check-In with Foursquare’s First Product Manager 04/11/11 New York
Zynga Hires MarketZero Team 04/06/11 San Francisco
Kiip Keeps $4M 04/06/11 San Francisco
PopCap’s New Indie Label 4th & Battery, the Sandbox For a Death-Metal Horse Romp & Other “Really Strange or Marginal Ideas” 04/05/11 Seattle
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