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Entry Author Date Location
SAIC Officially Relocates HQ to McLean VA 09/24/09 San Diego
Google Is Hiring Again, Makes Bid to Be More Transparent to Seattle-Area Engineers 08/28/09 Seattle
A Visit to Olin College: A Design-Oriented Future of American Engineering 08/11/09 Boston
Mathcad Inventor Reveals New Startup’s True Ambition—Numbers That Mean More and Don’t Make Mistakes 07/29/09 Boston
Insights into SAIC’s Acquisition of R.W. Beck for $155M—and Beck’s Strategy in Energy, Water 07/20/09 Seattle
More Than a Cherry on Top—Microsoft Search Honcho Harry Shum on Why Bing is Different from Other MS Products 07/16/09 Seattle
How Coaching T-Ball Is Like Running a Startup: Insights From Matt Hulett of Mpire 05/11/09 Seattle
Five Hot Prospects on the UW Faculty, from Engineering Dean Matt O’Donnell 04/13/09 Seattle
Former UC President Dynes Views CalIT2 as a New Paradigm for Innovation 04/08/09 San Diego
UW Energy Talks Dive Deep into Boeing Biofuels, Smart Grid Savings, and Solar Cells 03/19/09 Seattle
Microvision Lands $750K Eyewear Contract 12/12/08 Seattle
How To Invent: Tips on Global Technology from Patrick Ennis of Intellectual Ventures (Part 1) 12/11/08 Seattle
India’s Innovation Front Lines, Part 2: Of Industry-Targeted Degrees, Water, and Spinoffs 12/08/08 Boston
With Intellectual Ventures, Nathan Myhrvold Out to Create “Invention Capital” Industry—and Reinvent Invention in the Process (Part 1) 08/25/08 Seattle
Invention Machine and the Case of the Boxed-Up Box Spring 03/05/08 Boston
A Pair of $20 Million Research Initiatives 10/24/07 Boston
New England Colleges Riding High in U.S. News Rankings—A Few Observations 08/20/07 Boston
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