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Entry Author Date Location
WiTricity, Delphi Partner on Developing Wireless Charging Station for Electric Vehicles 09/29/10 Boston
Brammo Scores $12.5M More, Fueling New Wave of Electric Motorcycles 09/23/10 Seattle
A123 Opens Lithium Ion Battery Plant in Michigan, Wants to Create Global Hub for Electric Vehicles 09/13/10 Detroit
Detroit’s NextEnergy Charges Ahead With First Michigan Power Station in Electric Vehicle Program 08/31/10 Detroit
Bing Powers Yahoo Search, City Teams Up With Ford, Startup Investments Drop from June to July, and More Seattle-Area Deals News 08/31/10 Seattle
Seattle and Ford Prepare City for Electric Cars 08/26/10 Seattle
Can Microsoft Outflank Apple, Facebook, and Google? A Strategy Update 08/25/10 National
A123Systems Spins Off New Battery Firm, Drops Out of Chrysler Deal, Posts Quarterly Loss 08/11/10 Boston
San Diego Takes Center Stage as Ecotality Works Ahead of Electric Vehicle Rollouts 08/04/10 San Diego
GM Invests In Bright IDEA 08/03/10 Detroit
Qualcomm Gets its Technology in EV Chargers, Aptera Makes Finals in $10M Automotive X Prize, & More San Diego BizTech News 08/02/10 San Diego
A Rival for the iTunes App Store, a Data-Driven Dating Service for Facebook, a Pair of Social Gaming Deals, & More Bay Area BizTech News 08/02/10 San Francisco
California Startup Carmakers, Aptera and Zap, Finalists in Automotive X Prize 07/29/10 San Diego
Qualcomm’s Technology Inside Ecotality’s Electric Vehicle Chargers 07/27/10 San Diego
EngEx 2010 Conference Cancelled 07/20/10 San Diego
XL Hybrids Ups Investment Round to $1.8M, Plans to Convert Commercial Vehicles to Hybrids 07/14/10 Boston
Qualcomm’s Flo TV to Debut Datacasting; Nissan Leaf EV Rollout Begins in San Diego, TipCity Launches “Flash Deal” Technology, & More San Diego BizTech News 07/12/10 San Diego
With San Diego as “Ground Zero,” Nissan Targets Pragmatic Car Buyers With Leaf EV—and We Take It for A Test Hum 07/08/10 San Diego
Toyota Delivers Three Prius Plug-In Hybrids for Year-Long Demo 06/29/10 San Diego
Tesla Rocks the Nasdaq, But Analysts Skeptical Electric Car Company Can Go The Distance 06/29/10 San Francisco
Tesla Investors Hope IPO Heralds a New Era in Electric Automobiles 06/28/10 San Francisco
Boston-Power Pulls In $60M More to Push Battery Technologies Into Electronics, Cars, and Utilities 06/25/10 Boston
Own a Volt, Get a Jolt With Free Chargers From GM and the Feds 06/17/10 Detroit
Qualcomm Bids $1B for Spectrum in India, Software Analytics Target Smart Grid, San Diego Expects Diverse Run of Electric Vehicles, & More San Diego BizTech News 06/15/10 San Diego
San Diego Chargers: Region Serves as a Testbed for new EVs and Their Charging Stations 06/08/10 San Diego
Ford Invests $135M In Green Cars 05/24/10 Detroit
Where Are All the Freakin’ Seattle-Area Deals? 05/18/10 Seattle
Delta-Q Raises $17M from Tandem Expansion to Push Electric Vehicle Technologies 05/13/10 Seattle
Electric Cycles and Software For The Soul: A Tale of Two Startups—and Whether They Plan to Stay in Michigan 05/13/10 Detroit
EnerG2 Raises $3.5M More 04/27/10 Seattle
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