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Entry Author Date Location
$20M for Leyden Energy 08/03/11 San Francisco
Aptera Motors Raises $2.2M 07/14/11 San Diego
Will Detroit Get Shut Out Of China’s Electric Vehicle Market? 07/11/11 Detroit
Converting Gas Guzzlers To Hybrids; ALTe Targets Government And Commercial Fleets With Conversion Kits 06/16/11 Detroit
Beyond Sakti3: Researchers in Boston, London Explore Electric-Car Battery Technologies 06/06/11 Boston
Heroku, Solazyme, Sparkbuy: The 1-Minute Version of Last Week’s Bay Area BizTech News 05/31/11 San Francisco
Ford Lists Top 25 EV Cities, Highlights Pacific Coast Corridor for Future EV Road Trips 05/26/11 National
Belle Capital Pulls The Trigger; Invests Up To $500,000 In Electric Motorcycle Startup Current Motor 04/29/11 Detroit
WiTricity Scores Deal with Toyota 04/27/11 Boston
Delphi Showcases WiTricity’s Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Technology at SAE Conference 04/14/11 Detroit
Ford, Chasing Nissan and Chevy, Rolling Out Focus EV in San Diego, Other Key Markets 04/13/11 San Diego
Countdown to Michigan 2031: All In On Cleantech 04/12/11 Detroit
Beringea Holds “Office Hours” For Entrepreneurs. 15 Minutes To Sell A Dream. 03/09/11 Detroit
Ecotality Begins Charger Installations 02/22/11 San Diego
Boston-Power Hires New CEO; Founder Lampe-Onnerud Says She’s Excited By Move 02/03/11 Boston
GM Leads $17M Envia Round 01/26/11 San Francisco
As Auto Industry Goes Electric, Michigan Startup Wants to Dot Nation with PEP Stations 01/11/11 Detroit
Trend Spotting: The Top 9 Rise & Falls We See in the Year Ahead 01/11/11 San Diego
Electric Superbike Finishes Near Top 01/10/11 San Diego
One Surprise in the Auto Industry in 2010—With More on the Road Ahead 12/28/10 Detroit
Nissan Turning Over New Leafs, and EV Car Owners Are Electrified 12/14/10 San Diego
ViaSat’s Moore Discusses Future of Space-Based Internet Service, High-Tech Jobs Grew Last Year, CommNexus Absorbs EvoNexus Incubator, & More San Diego BizTech News 12/13/10 San Diego
Electric Superbike to Challenge Gasoline-Powered Motorcycles 12/09/10 San Diego
Tesla Confirms $30M Investment 11/19/10 San Francisco
Fusion Coolant Systems Cracks Big Problems in Manufacturing, Now Needs Customers 11/15/10 Detroit
In Cleantech, Who’s Looking for Money, Who’s Hiring, and What’s the Role of Government Financing? Find Out at Clean Energy Conference 11/02/10 Boston
Test Driving the Future of General Motors: My Experience Behind the Wheel of the Chevy Volt 10/13/10 Seattle
NW Cleantech Open Names Nanocel, Puralytics, and Arcimoto as Finalists 10/05/10 Seattle
Fifteen Green Companies Compete For Finalist Slots at the Cleantech Open Today 10/04/10 Seattle
Xconomy Boston’s Top 20 Stories of the Third Quarter: From A123 Expansion to Zynga Acquisition 10/01/10 Boston
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