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Entry Author Date Location
Five Things Nathan Myhrvold Taught Us About Cooking 10/26/09 Seattle
Patrick Details Plans for Holyoke Computing Center 10/22/09 Boston
Reed Sturtevant Leaves Microsoft Startup Labs 10/08/09 Boston
Cray, Isilon, Marchex Weigh In With Their Company Cultures Boiled Down to One Word 10/05/09 Seattle
Intel Labs Seattle Shows Off New Sensing Interfaces, Self-Charging Robot, Wireless Power 09/29/09 Seattle
Intel Labs Seattle’s New Director, Dieter Fox, on Why the Future of Robotics Matters to Intel 09/29/09 Seattle
Ignition Partners Talk Cloud Computing and Virtualization—A Crucial Part of the VC Firm’s Strategy 09/23/09 Seattle
UW’s Tadayoshi Kohno on Computer Security and How to Think Like the Bad Guy 09/11/09 Seattle
Cray Inks $40M Korean Contract 09/08/09 Seattle
Google Is Hiring Again, Makes Bid to Be More Transparent to Seattle-Area Engineers 08/28/09 Seattle
Amazon Rolls Out Private Clouds 08/26/09 Seattle
Microsoft Researchers Present Next-Gen Graphics and Software Tools at SIGGRAPH 08/06/09 Seattle
Cray Shares Rise on Unexpected Profit from New Supercomputing Contracts 08/04/09 Seattle
Netezza Pursues Broader Customer Base with Cheaper Data Storage Technology 07/31/09 Boston
Cray’s Comeback: CEO Peter Ungaro on Clouds, Exaflops, and the Future of Supercomputing 07/30/09 Seattle
Technologies for the Blind and Deaf Could Have Much Broader Impact, Says UW’s Richard Ladner 07/28/09 Seattle
UW Profs, Tech Execs Talk Next-Generation Graphics, Imaging, and Interfaces for Games 07/24/09 Seattle
IBM Top Massachusetts Official Mohamad Ali Leaves for Big Job at Avaya 07/18/09 Boston
Bio Architecture Lab, a UW Spinout, Raises $3.4M for Renewable Chemicals and Biofuels 07/15/09 Seattle
Craig Mundie of Microsoft on the Future of Software: Digital Assistants, Natural User Interfaces, and Room Computing 07/13/09 Seattle
For Microsoft and Google, Battleground Shifts to Web-Based Operating Systems 07/08/09 National
Thoughts on Bing and Search Engines of the Future, From UW Computer Scientist Dan Weld 06/15/09 Seattle
High Tech for a Historic City—A 21-Year-Old Web Entrepreneur’s View of the Big Computing Center Planned for His Home Town 06/15/09 Boston
State Set to Make Big, “Green” High Performance Computing Announcement: Effort to Bring Jobs to Western MA 06/09/09 Boston
Her Interactive’s Nancy Drew Games Help Solve the Mystery of Girl Gamers 06/08/09 Seattle
Elemental Rolls Out Video Servers 05/20/09 Seattle
Ray Ozzie on Cloud Strategy and Washington Vs. Massachusetts: Takeaways from Tech Alliance 05/01/09 Seattle
User Interfaces, Cloud Computing, and Ray Ozzie—A Guide to the Season’s Tech Events 04/21/09 Seattle
ExtraHop Hauls In $5.1M to Help Companies Manage Their Networks Efficiently 04/14/09 Seattle
At CHI Meeting, Microsoft Turns Computing Interfaces on Their Head, and Side, and Back 04/10/09 Boston
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