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A .data Top-Level Internet Domain? 01/10/12 Boston
Of Patent Rats and Blaming Teachers 01/10/12 Seattle
A Computer That Knows How You Feel? See Roz Picard’s Affectiva Demo at 6×6 Thursday 11/29/11 Boston
DNAnexus, With Google Ventures and TPG’s Cash, Seeks Edge in $100B Genome Computing Market 10/19/11 San Francisco
Steve Jobs: The Soul of an Industry 10/06/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Steve Jobs: A Few Memories 10/06/11 Boston
Why Amazon’s Tablet Matters: It’s Not a Computer. It’s a Store. 09/28/11 Seattle
Affectiva Opens Silicon Valley Office, Tracks Consumers’ Emotions Via Webcam 09/27/11 Boston
Look Out, Mean Girls and Slackers: Objective Logistics Tracks Work Habits in Restaurants to Boost Sales 05/26/11 Boston
Dan Reed, Microsoft’s Resident Futurist, Thinks Past Windows to the Fusion of Mobile and Cloud Computing; Meet Him Next Week at Beyond Mobile 05/10/11 San Francisco
From Smartphones to Smart Spaces: SRI’s Vision of Computer Evolution 04/29/11 National
San Diego Venture Group Hires First President, Senturia Talks Entrepreneurship, Maxwell Arranges Financing, & More San Diego BizTech News 04/11/11 San Diego
Yale Spinoff Hadapt Hops Out of Stealth, Looks to Help Big Companies Handle Big Data 03/23/11 Boston
Stephen Wolfram Joins Xconomy’s Mobile Madness Lineup on March 9: Here’s the Agenda 02/10/11 Boston
Ken Olsen, Founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, Leaves Behind Route 128 Legacy 02/08/11 Boston
UW, Backed by Intel and U.S. Military, Sets Up Center to Merge Electronics, Photonics 02/01/11 Seattle
An Innovation Walk in the Snow: Can You Guess My Route? 01/19/11 Boston
Five Predictions for Technology in 2011 01/13/11 Seattle
Top Things to Look for in Wireless in 2011 01/12/11 Boston
The Top 3 Technology Surprises of 2010, and Six Predictions for 2011 12/29/10 Seattle
‘Anything That’s $1B is Good,’ and Other Gems From the Media Lab’s 25th Bash 10/18/10 Boston
Negroponte on the Media Lab’s 25th: A Salon des Refusés That Could Only Have Happened at MIT 10/13/10 Boston
OLPC Part 2: Nicholas Negroponte on the Mideast and the XO 3 Tablet—and Why He May Not Ever Have to Build It 10/07/10 Boston
One Ecosystem Per Child: Walter Bender and OLPC Reunite to Enhance Learning and Grow Economies in Developing Nations 10/05/10 Boston
One Laptop Gets $5.6M Grant From Marvell to Develop Next Generation Tablet Computer 10/04/10 Boston
Is Hardware Coming Back in Boston? Analog, Lyric, and Local VCs Suggest Yes 08/19/10 Boston
EnterpriseDB Gets $7.5M 07/14/10 Boston
Microsoft Gives $1.4M in Faculty Grants 07/12/10 Seattle
Mobile Developers Flocking to Tablets in Wake of iPad’s Launch, Survey Shows 06/24/10 San Francisco
Pawan Deshpande, Son of Desh Deshpande, Launches Software for Automating Corporate Blogging 06/21/10 Boston
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