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Entry Author Date Location
Ogmento Lands $1,350,000 New Round 09/30/10 New York
IntegriCo Composites Garners $125,000 New Funding Round 09/30/10 Texas
Ogmento Receives $3,500,000 Series A Funding 05/28/10 New York
Metabolex Garners $8,600,000 New Funding 11/06/09 San Francisco
A123Systems, GE, and Norwegian Carmaker Join Forces, TNS Commits to Compete, Bottomline Buys Optio, & More 03/10/08 Boston
NoblePeak Collects $12 Million for Night Vision System That Exploits “Nightglow” 03/07/08 Boston
NoblePeak Vision Corporation Obtains $12,000,000 Series B Financing Round 03/05/08 Boston
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