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Entry Author Date Location
BMW’s Bernhard Blattel on New York City as a Hub of Mobility Services 05/03/11 New York
David Brophy and the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium: A 30-Year-Old Growth Story 04/27/11 Detroit
MIT Tech Review Lauds Sakti3′s Next Generation Battery Technology 04/20/11 Detroit
Delphi Showcases WiTricity’s Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Technology at SAE Conference 04/14/11 Detroit
Huron River Ventures: Locked, Loaded, and Ready to Invest In Cleantech 04/14/11 Detroit
Countdown to Michigan 2031: All In On Cleantech 04/12/11 Detroit
EcoMotors, With Navistar as a Customer, Pushes Forward With New Engine 04/07/11 Detroit
Now Showing on Gas Station TV: Impulse Buying!!!! 03/17/11 Detroit
Xconomy Editor Successfully Avoids Wrecking Electric Car. Entire World Rejoices. 03/15/11 Detroit
Beringea Holds “Office Hours” For Entrepreneurs. 15 Minutes To Sell A Dream. 03/09/11 Detroit
What Happened to the Smart Cars? Ford’s Efforts to Impress NYT Columnist Evidently Fall Short 02/28/11 Detroit
Beyond the Big Three: A Tough Love Search for Detroit’s Future 01/26/11 Detroit
EcoMotors Founder Peter Hofbauer Says Company Is Inking Customer Deals, Eyeing Production Facility in Michigan for Its “Opoc” Engine 01/24/11 Detroit
Streetline Unveils iPhone Parking App, Seeks to Take Guesswork out of Finding a Spot 12/22/10 San Francisco
Khosla, Gates Are Betting On EcoMotors’ Engine Technology to Transform Autos Into Cleaner, Cheaper, and More Powerful Machines 11/01/10 Detroit
First Impressions of Michigan’s Innovation Landscape: An Institutional Legacy, A Fragmented Entrepreneurial Community, and Some Unexpected Promising Sectors 10/26/10 Detroit
CarWoo Promises Car Buyers Hassle-Free Quotes Online, Raises $4.2 Million 10/13/10 San Francisco
Buycentives’ Targeted Marketing Software Is Out to Break the One-Size-Fits All Tradition for Automobile Incentives 10/06/10 Detroit
Focus on Discovery, Not Decision-Making, Is Key To Success 09/22/10 National
GM Updates OnStar Brand for the Era of Mobile, Social Media 09/15/10 Detroit
Qualcomm’s Flo TV to Debut Datacasting; Nissan Leaf EV Rollout Begins in San Diego, TipCity Launches “Flash Deal” Technology, & More San Diego BizTech News 07/12/10 San Diego
Let’s Abandon the Industrial-Decay Porn and Take a Closer Look at What’s Growing in Detroit 06/04/10 National
Mascoma’s Plan for Ethanol Plant in Michigan Likely Delayed, CEO Says 05/24/10 Boston
A Tolstoyvian Perspective on Revitalizing Michigan’s Economy—Or “It’s the Customer, Stupid” 05/10/10 Detroit
Raised in a General Motors Family, Jason Forcier Driving Growing Auto Battery Biz for A123 Systems 05/04/10 Detroit
The Building Blocks of Innovation: Part 2 of Our Q&A with David Egner of the New Economy Initiative 05/03/10 Detroit
Breaking the Myopic Mold: Q&A with David Egner of Detroit’s New Economy Initiative 04/26/10 Detroit
How Sharing Increases Innovation 04/26/10 Boston
Ex-Microsoft CFO Liddell Joins GM 12/21/09 Seattle
Hydrogen Cars: Saving the Environment’s a Gas 06/02/09 Seattle
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