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Entry Author Date Location
Frazier, Arch Join $56M Antibiotic Deal 04/07/10 Seattle
Former Targanta CEO Leuchtenberger Lands New Gig at Rib-X, Another Antibiotic Company 03/23/10 Boston
Trius Puts the Brakes on IPO Plan, While It Adjusts to New FDA Clinical Guidelines 03/05/10 San Diego
Optimer Nets $51.5M 03/01/10 San Diego
Rib-X Maps Out Pivotal Antibiotic Trial, As Part of Built-to-Last Company Strategy 02/16/10 Boston
Halozyme Pursues Anti-Cellulite Drug, Optimer’s Antibiotic Kills C. Difficile Germs, Tragara Pharmaceuticals Raises Funds & More San Diego Life Sciences News 02/11/10 San Diego
Optimer Rises on Takeover Buzz and Clinical Trial Results; Still Faces Business Risks 02/08/10 San Diego
Optimer Passes Second Big Trial of Drug for Deadly Bacteria 02/04/10 San Diego
Cubist Maintains Growth Streak, As Investors Fear Generic Threat, Thin Pipeline 01/25/10 Boston
Novexel Offers Exit to Atlas and Abingworth 12/24/09 Boston
Cubist to Acquire Calixa Therapeutics in Deal Worth up to $402.5M 12/14/09 Boston
Trius Therapeutics Reveals Plans for IPO, SpectraScience Raises $4.3M, Sequenom Tightens its Belt, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 11/12/09 San Diego
Rib-X Antibiotic Passes Clinical Trial, Hopes to Snag Partner 08/05/09 Boston
Trius Approaches Next Stage in Drug Development, China Partnerships a Hot Topic at CalAsia, Lpath Headed to Critical Juncture, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 06/18/09 San Diego
Trius Looks to Cut a Deal, Gears Up For Final Stage of Trials with New Antibiotic 06/12/09 San Diego
Anadys Cuts Jobs, Obesity Drug Developers Show Intriguing Results, Trius Antibiotic Passes Key Test, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 06/11/09 San Diego
Trius, Developer of Antibiotic for Deadly MRSA Bacteria, Passes Key Test 06/08/09 San Diego
Optimer Rides Investment See-Saw With Promising Drug for “C.diff” Infections 06/05/09 San Diego
Indel Therapeutics Aims High With New Class of Antibiotics to Fight Hospital Infections 03/30/09 Seattle
Calixa Passes Key Safety Test in Clinical Trial of New Antibiotic 03/24/09 San Diego
EU Spurns Gilead’s Aztreonam 03/20/09 Seattle
Optimer Raises $32.9M in Stock Offering 03/05/09 San Diego
Novophage Forming to Combat Antibiotic Resistance with Engineered Viruses 03/05/09 Boston
Optimer To Seek EU Approval 03/02/09 San Diego
Oscient to Shed 32% of Workers 02/12/09 Boston
Mpex Pharma Lands $27.5M in Fourth Round 02/10/09 San Diego
Forma Forms Antibiotic-Discovery Partnership with Cubist 01/26/09 Boston
Rib-X Raises $25M in Debt Financing, Reveals Final Results of Antibiotic Trial 01/26/09 Boston
Optimer’s Second Drug, for Traveler’s Diarrhea, Follows Fast Behind Lead “C. Diff” Antibiotic 01/23/09 San Diego
Targanta Gets $42M Buyout Offer From NJ Drug Firm 01/13/09 Boston
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