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Entry Author Date Location
Decisive, Born From Texting.ly, Brings Real-Time Info to Mobile Ads 04/22/14 New York
Dave McClure: Inspired by Dr. Seuss and Disrupting Venture Capital 03/07/14 San Diego
Dealflicks Receives $798,700 New Funding 03/07/14 San Francisco
Dealflicks Garners $798,700 New Funding Round 03/07/14 San Francisco
With $1.7M in New Funding, Sightly Takes Aim at Video Ad Marketing 02/24/14 San Diego
MyHealthTeams Lands $3,360,000 Series A Funding Round 02/13/14 San Francisco
Crowdfunder Obtains $1,000,000 New Funding Round 02/06/14 San Diego
Unwind Me Receives New Funding Round 01/29/14 San Francisco
Friend Trusted Secures New Round 01/29/14 San Francisco
Sightly Obtains $1,700,000 Seed Funding 01/28/14 San Diego
FlyData Obtains $1,600,000 New Funding Round 01/21/14 San Francisco
First Opinion Obtains $1,200,000 New Financing Round 01/16/14 San Francisco
Visually Receives $8,100,000 New Financing Round 01/14/14 San Francisco
Keen Lands $3,000,000 Series A Round 01/14/14 San Francisco
Markerly Lands $800,000 New Funding Round 01/14/14 San Francisco
Whill Secures $1,750,000 Seed Round 01/10/14 San Francisco
View The Space Secures $7,000,000 New Financing 12/04/13 New York
Colingo Secures $2,400,000 Seed Funding Round 11/21/13 San Francisco
Geekatoo Lands $750,000 New Round 11/15/13 San Francisco
Geekatoo Secures $750,000 New Financing Round 11/15/13 San Francisco
Lovely Secures $391,500 New Round 11/13/13 San Francisco
Lovely Lands $391,500 New Round 11/13/13 San Francisco
MediaSpike Lands $5,200,000 Series A Financing Round 11/05/13 San Francisco
Tandem Applies Muscle to Mobile (Alternative Accelerators, Part 1) 10/31/13 San Francisco
Runnable Obtains $2,000,000 Seed Funding 10/31/13 San Francisco
Anyadir Education Obtains Seed Financing Round 10/29/13 San Francisco
Buzzstarter Garners Seed Financing Round 10/29/13 San Francisco
EquityZen Receives Seed Financing 10/29/13 New York
Cityblis Secures Seed Funding Round 10/29/13 New York
Keen.io Lands $2,350,000 Seed Financing Round 10/23/13 San Francisco
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