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Accelerator’s New Cancer Startup, 23andMe Hanging at the ISB, How to Make $ With No IPO, & More in Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 05/26/11 Seattle
23andMe Brings Down the Price of Consumer Genetic Tests, Builds Up Relations With Big Pharma 05/24/11 San Francisco
Getting Connected with James Fowler: Social Networks in the Real World and in Cyberspace 03/11/11 San Diego
23andMe Adds $9M to VC Round 01/07/11 San Francisco
23andMe Secures $9,000,000 Series C Financing Round 01/07/11 San Francisco
Complete Genomics Goes Public, 23andMe Raises $22M, Genomic Health’s Dx Vision, & More Bay Area Life Sciences News 11/12/10 San Francisco
23andMe Raises $22M 11/09/10 San Francisco
23andMe Lands $22,000,000 Series C Financing Round 11/09/10 San Francisco
Genomic Health Seeks to Build Momentum For Healthcare Shift from Rx to Dx 11/08/10 San Francisco
LS9 Reveals Key Biofuel Genes, Onyx Drug Passes Big Trial, Solazyme Seeks First-Mover Edge, & More Bay Area Life Sciences News 07/30/10 San Francisco
Protecting Consumers From Their Own Genetic Data Will Come at a Cost 07/28/10 National
Consumer Genetics Needs More Transparency, Not Excessive Regulation 06/23/10 National
Brain Cells’ Antidepressant Disappoints in Clinical Study, Otonomy Hears the Sound of Money, Cognionics Wins Startup Competition, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 06/17/10 San Diego
Genetic Testing Companies in San Diego, Boston, & San Francisco Studying FDA Letters 06/14/10 San Diego
Illumina Slashes Cost of Individual Genome Sequencing Service 06/09/10 San Diego
Pathway Genomics’ Marketing Plan for Genetic Tests Draws More Heat 05/20/10 San Diego
PatientsLikeMe Growing as Pharma Customers Boost Focus on Patients 02/10/10 Boston
Knome Challenged to Keep in Step with Falling Genetic Sequencing Prices 01/20/10 Boston
23andMe Secures $16,780,000 Series B Round 12/23/09 San Francisco
Pathway Genomics Has $250 DNA Test 07/16/09 San Diego
23andMe Garners $2,600,000 Series B Funding 06/19/09 San Francisco
Google, Microsoft May Help Usher in Personalized Medicine Wave, Says George Church 05/12/09 Boston
23andMe Lands $11,000,000 New Round 05/04/09 San Francisco
Era of Over-the-Counter DNA Diagnostic Test Arrives in San Diego 04/30/09 San Diego
Illumina Shows its Stuff to Wall Street, Stock Still Slides 11/07/08 San Diego
Camping at Google: ISB Scientist Nitin Baliga Joins Elite Science Confab 07/29/08 Seattle
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