Seattle Angel Conference Names Six Finalists

With just a few weeks left until its big demo day, organizers of the Seattle Angel Conference are announcing the finalists competing for an investment of about $100,000. And it’s a pretty wide range of startups, from tools for software developers to outdoor clothing and even neighborhood grocery stores.

I wrote about the Seattle Angel Conference several months ago, when it was in the very early planning stages. The idea is modeled after a series of conferences that have been held in Oregon, aimed at drafting new or inexperienced angels with a collaborative vetting and investing process.

Each investor kicks in a few thousand dollars to the effort. The pooled money is then invested in the winner of the pitch competition, which is scheduled for May 31 at the Makers Space, a co-working facility downtown.

Conference organizer John Sechrest says the six finalists were selected after several weeks of due diligence from the investors. Here they are:

Apptentive: Software tools that let mobile app developers easily incorporate customer-feedback features, such as ratings.

Buddy: Started by former Microsofties, this startup sells online services and analytics for mobile app developers and publishers. A Web service aimed at helping parents boost teenagers’ learning by tying progress with online lessons to their allowance.

Homeschool Snowboarding: The one Portland, OR-based startup of the bunch, this company says it makes breathable, durable outerware for snow sports.

Illumagear: Pretty stealthy right now, but it appears to be developing light-emitting safety gear for the construction industry.

Stockbox Grocers: This startup converts shipping containers into mini grocery stores to help get healthier food in urban areas where selection is poor.

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