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The Dendreon Alumni: Where Are They Now?

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Andy Scherer, president, Scherer & Associates

Kathleen Schneider, research associate III, CMC Icos Biologics

Deborah Siegel, research scientist, genome sciences, University of Washington School of Medicine

Martin Simonetti, CEO, VLST

Paul Slagle, senior research associate, Allozyne

Julie Ann Slyfield, IT, senior security analyst, Mutual of Enumclaw

Gary Smith, process development engineer, ALK-Abello

Bouwien Smits-Sana, associate director, quality assurance, Gilead Sciences

Linda Staley, retired

Hartmut Stecher, senior director, head of medical affairs, Seattle Genetics

George Strang, manager, clinical data management, Genentech

Ryan Thurston, senior associate, Amgen

Carrie Trujillo, scientific project coordinator II, scientific development, HIV Vaccine Trials Network, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center [Added: 8:50 pm, 4/1/10]

Frank Valone, chief medical officer, Fibrogen

Peter Van Vlasselaer, CEO, Arresto Biosciences

Suleman Verjee, founder and CEO, Versante International

Joanna Ward, senior director, Seattle Genetics

Jami Wollan, clinical immunology group leader

Sue Woyshnis, independent IT and services professional

Susan Wyrick, controller, Trubion Pharmaceuticals

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  • Rich Gaeto
  • Bryan Monroe

    Hi Luke. I was missing from the list. My group was responsible for all of the fermentation scaleup and clinical manufacturing for Provenge. I was employee #36. My first hire into the group was Mara Boykin, who had worked for me previously at ZymoGenetics in a similar role. I have been at Life Technologies since 2002.

    Bryan D. Monroe
    Process Science Fellow
    Life Technologies