Google Invests in CoolPlanetBioFuels


CoolPlanetBioFuels of Camarillo, CA, said today that it has collected a Series B financing round from Google Ventures, the investing wing of the Mountain View, CA, search giant. The amount of the investment was not specified. CoolPlanetBioFuels says it’s developing a “thermal/mechanical” fractionation technology that extracts hydrocarbons from stripped corncobs, corn stalks, wood chips, and other biomass. The hydrocarbons can be processed into gasoline while the leftover “biochar” can be buried as a soil enhancer. ”The company has come up with an innovative solution to one of the world’s biggest problems,” Google Ventures partner Wesley Chan said in a statement. “The technology is a win-win as the company is developing a sustainable and renewable energy source that also helps reduce the amount of  carbon in the atmosphere.”

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