Seven San Diego Startups Selected for 2014 Plug and Play StartupCamp

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provide analytics about marketing campaigns.

Stretchr Stretchr offers an intelligent cloud data storage service that enables a new paradigm for software development by addressing key pain points in application development, and resulting in more reusable code, less coupling, and quicker product releases.

Zenhavior The company is testing initial versions of a downloadable mobile app that could be used to monitor and analyze driver behavior for delivery companies and other fleet vehicle operators. Zenhavior’s technology would replace dashboard-mounted video recording devices that now cost hundreds of dollars to deploy.

Intentive Communications Intentive Communiations applies the latest insights and developments in computational neuroscience and machine learning to problem solving.

Raynforest A Web-based marketplace that makes it easier for companies to hire sports stars and other celebrities for brand marketing campaigns, and to measure the results. Raynforest describes itself as an Elance for athletes, speakers, writers, and other influencers.

Polyceed Polyceed has been developing so-called “active smart materials” with proprietary technology that improves the performance, lowers the cost, and simplifies integration without requiring electrical power for control or embedded electrical or electronic circuits.

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  • Mark Fidelman

    Thanks as always for covering the local tech scene Bruce. Glad to see some press covering a hidden, yet fruitful group of tech companies.