Janssen Forms “Investigator Databank” to Help Streamline Drug Trials

11/15/12Follow @bvbigelow

In a bid to ease the administrative burden on the scientists who run clinical trials, J&J’s Janssen Research & Development is today unveiling a global initiative to standardize and share key information that drug companies require to vet clinical trial sites and ensure they meet industry requirements.

The effort is part of a broader attempt to accelerate drug development that ten of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies recently disclosed. Streamlining clinical trials is considered one of the first steps.

Janssen R&D, based in Raritan, NJ, says it has established an “Investigator Databank” that is intended to serve as a repository for data about clinical trial sites. Merck and Eli Lilly have joined the project, and have been working with Janssen to ensure that information scientists submit to the database also will satisfy their requirements for prequalifying clinical trial sites.

No patient data will be stored in the database. DrugDev.org, an independent organization with expertise in clinical trial information technology, will host the Investigator Databank. Over time, Janssen R&D says … Next Page »

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