In Finding Things to Do, Mobile App Uses Calendar for Search

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the search engine with a date, time, location and preferences. No one else—either on the Web or on mobile devices—is doing this type of search. And with that detail, our database of over 6 million monthly events returns a very specific set of relevant results.”

The next step is to go to event providers and have them use the Time to Enjoy platform to spread the word about their events. Among other things, it would give event organizers or promoters a way to search for and connect with people who are looking for events. “What we’re really going for is the next phase that makes this hyperlocal community so neat,” Anton says.

“The revenue model will be a combination of advertising and Groupon-type deals,” Anton says. For example, he says, Time to Enjoy can push coupons for local restaurants to people who are searching for someplace to eat. “There are a lot of different ways we can interact with Groupon revenue.”

For the time being, however, the uTemporis founders are focused on getting users to download and install the app.

“The revenue model will come when we get the installs, and it’s been going pretty well so far,” says Anton, who adds that expanding the user base also will be the key factor in raising capital from investors. So far, uTemporis has been self-funded, with help from the founders’ friends and families.

“We are talking about getting an early round of funding that would be between a friends and family and angel round to get a marketing campaign funded,” Anton says. “We should be able to do that when we get to 100,000 installs. Of course, getting to the first 100,000 installs is harder than getting from 100,000 installs to 1 million.”

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