San Diego’s Young & Restless: A Cross-Section of Tech Entrepreneurs

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a smart phone by enabling them to exchange text messages with the group. This is a Web-based service that provides job search tools and enables a job seeker to design and customize “Web resumes” tailored for each job application, including personal videos, portfolios for displaying artwork, and other features. Founder Matt Wickstrand says enables users to pull job listings into their home page, and provides tracking and analysis tools that make it easier to manage the job hunting and application process. Wickstrand describes himself on the website as “a founder of and the person originally bummed about the options currently available to job seekers to help them stand out and make their job search easier.”

uME. An iPhone and Web app that founder Jeffrey Axup describes as “a social network that uses paperless business cards to connect you with the people you want to meet.” The technology enables users to create different card layouts and designs for different purposes, get push notifications when someone views your card, to sort cards by date, email, or location, and even gauge interest by seeing who has viewed your card. It also isn’t necessary for both parties to install the uME app to get contact information.

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