The Active Network Stops for Overhaul Following a Decade of Acquisitions

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its legacy software as a service infrastructure with a more sophisticated SAAS architecture. The new software technology will establish a common approach for many billing, financial, and back-office functions, while also giving The Active Network more flexibility to rapidly develop software tools for a new customer and to expand the capabilities of customers with high-demand events. He estimates the cost of the

Dave Alberga

Dave Alberga

four-year development effort at $80 million to $90 million, and calls it “a very, very big spend, especially at a time when the economy is through the floor.”

The project makes sense, especially for an Internet company that has made roughly 50 acquisitions of varying sizes since it was founded in 1998. Or, as Alberga puts it, “It feels like we’ve ingested a lot and now we need to be doing some digesting.”

He explains, “Of the technologies we’ve built from the ground up, much of it is 10 years old now, and much of what we acquired is older than that. We need to start all over, hit reset, and take this services-based approach to the infrastructure.”

Alberga says the company has added “hundreds of developers, who are working exclusively on the project,” which is headed by … Next Page »

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