Five Top Innovations to Look for in Search-Based Marketing in 2010


—Personalization based on predicted intent instead of past behavior (based on cookie).

—More robust “universal search:” Better results for text and descriptive searches on videos, pictures, inside games, and applications.

—GPS-based hyper-targeting of search results and advertising on smartphones.

—Ubiquitous and non-text search: Search as an integrated activity rather than a separate activity into videos, music, etc. Search on images, tones, smells, and not just text-based phrases and descriptions.

—3-D search: Search will have new display and navigation metaphors beyond text and html links on a flat white background.

Russ Mann is a co-founder and CEO of San Diego-based Covario. For the past two decades, his career has focused on digital marketing, advanced analytics, and customer relationship management technologies for enterprise-class organizations. Prior to Covario, he was part of the turnaround management team at San Diego's Peregrine Systems. He also worked at HNC Software,, and Onyx Software, specializing in strategy, alliances, sales, marketing and product management. Follow @

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