Four Boston Startups Make Their DEMO Debuts in San Diego

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marketing and PR firms that want to identify the respected journalists in a field. In one recent campaign, the company helped Honda launch its Insight hybrid electric car in the United Kingdom. The self-funded company was founded in 2006; Wade did a profile in March 2008.

Weels, based in Milton, MA, showed its touch-screen technology, a one-click, drag-and-drop interface that is intended to improve Web browsing. Co-founder and chief software architect William King tells me the startup’s “Web on Weels” consists of hosted software that runs on top of your browser, and allows users to browse the Internet without using a keyboard. Additional details about the privately held company were not immediately available.

Pinyadda, based in Boston, is a personalized social content aggregator. The early stage company says its private beta release technology enables users to create personalized information networks (PINs) that take the work out of subscribing to RSS feeds by drawing on trusted online friends and associates and websites, from which the system automatically gathers, organizes, and ranks Web content related to the user’s specific interests. The system also can identify people who are local experts in certain segments of the population. Pinyadda, which raised $250,000 from an angel investor and is also the company behind the local Twitter aggregator Bostinnovation, was among the 14 “AlphaPitch” companies making 90-second demonstrations at the conference.

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