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Entry Author Date Location
In Short Order, Indi Convinces Insurers To Cover Its Lung Test 11/05/14 Seattle
Ossia Receives New Round 11/05/14 Seattle
Proteostasis, Astellas Join up on Genetic Disease Drugs 11/04/14 Boston
History, Yes, But Biologist’s Imagination Is No Flight Of Fancy 11/04/14 National
Inrix Lands New Financing Round 11/04/14 Seattle
Led by Boeing Vet, Tempered Networks Securing the Internet of Things 11/03/14 Seattle Receives New Financing Round 11/03/14 Seattle
Seattle Roundup: Commercial Space Setbacks, Cray’s Big Deal, & More 10/31/14 Seattle
Innovation Hub: How Immigrants Fuel Innovation 10/31/14 National
New to Data Analytics? Here’s 3 Simple Steps For Getting Started 10/31/14 Wisconsin
Taking the Copenhagen Wheel for a Spin in Cambridge 10/31/14 Boston
WISErg Obtains $650,000 New Round 10/31/14 Seattle
ZIIBRA Receives $100,000 New Financing 10/31/14 Seattle
Ivy Garners $241,319 New Funding Round 10/31/14 Seattle
We Learn Live Envisions New Model of Entrepreneurship Education 10/30/14 Seattle
West Coast Biotech Roundup: Amgen, Inslee, Fibrogen, Receptos & More 10/30/14 Seattle Acquires CarCode to Help Further its Mobile Strategy 10/30/14 Detroit
Backed by Gates, Affinivax Ramps up Velcro-like Vaccine Tech 10/30/14 Boston
I Believe in Angels 10/30/14 San Diego
Innovation in Ireland: Overview to Xconomy’s Special Report 10/29/14 National
Opsona, And Pharma Backers, Await Day of Reckoning for Kidney Drug 10/29/14 National Garners $1,000,000 New Funding 10/29/14 Seattle
Seattle Roundup: UW Startups, CSE Expansion; New Funding Flows 10/27/14 Seattle
Syros Raises $53M More To Push Gene-Control Drugs Into Human Trials 10/27/14 Boston
On a Wing and a Prayer: 300,000 Angels in Search of a Unicorn 10/27/14 San Diego
Limeade Lands $25,000,000 New Funding 10/27/14 Seattle
Vadio Receives $1,250,000 New Financing 10/27/14 Seattle
Q&A: WA Gov. Inslee on Education, Life Sciences, Climate, R&D 10/24/14 Seattle
Cambia Grove Aims to Spur Healthcare Innovation in Seattle 10/24/14 Seattle
reKode Secures $20,000 Seed Funding Round 10/24/14 Seattle
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