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Entry Author Date Location
Envisage Deal Lets Noble Environmental Expand Ecor Production 11/06/14 San Diego
OrthAlign Lands $15,000,000 New Funding 11/06/14 San Diego
FilmTrack Acquires Dashbox for Undisclosed Sum 11/06/14 San Diego
FilmTrack Lands $10,000,000 Series B Financing 11/05/14 San Diego
Reno Sub-Systems Secures New Funding Round 11/05/14 San Diego
MOGL Obtains $11,000,000 New Funding Round 11/05/14 San Diego
After Some Revamping, Mogl Raises $11M for Nationwide Expansion 11/04/14 San Diego
History, Yes, But Biologist’s Imagination Is No Flight Of Fancy 11/04/14 National
Audyssey Laboratories Garners New Financing 11/04/14 San Diego
RTL Group Acquires StyleHaul for Undisclosed Sum 11/03/14 San Diego
Innovation Hub: How Immigrants Fuel Innovation 10/31/14 National
Fab Lab Moves Downtown as San Diego Creates its Own SoMa 10/31/14 San Diego
New to Data Analytics? Here’s 3 Simple Steps For Getting Started 10/31/14 Wisconsin
NantMobile Receives $50,000,000 New Round 10/31/14 San Diego
SureTouch Garners $375,000 New Financing Round 10/31/14 San Diego
Abbott Acquires Topera for $250M, Gains Entré to Global AFib Market 10/30/14 San Diego
West Coast Biotech Roundup: Amgen, Inslee, Fibrogen, Receptos & More 10/30/14 Seattle
I Believe in Angels 10/30/14 San Diego
Medipacs Obtains $1,535,800 New Funding Round 10/30/14 San Diego
Abbott Laboratories Acquires Topera for $250,000,000 10/30/14 San Diego
Innovation in Ireland: Overview to Xconomy’s Special Report 10/29/14 National
Sientra Receives $75,000,000 New Financing 10/29/14 San Diego Obtains $600,000 Seed Financing Round 10/29/14 San Diego
TrepScore Secures New Round 10/28/14 San Diego
ScoreBig Lands $24,000,000 Series D Financing Round 10/28/14 San Diego
Telogis Receives New Funding 10/28/14 San Diego
On a Wing and a Prayer: 300,000 Angels in Search of a Unicorn 10/27/14 San Diego
Repurpose Lands $749,730 New Funding 10/27/14 San Diego
Charlie Lands $1,750,000 Seed Funding 10/27/14 San Diego
TaskEasy Receives $7,000,000 Series A Round 10/27/14 San Diego
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