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Entry Author Date Location
The Future of Marketing Technology 05/12/15 Boston
Talkspace Receives $9,500,000 New Round 05/12/15 New York
StrongDM Obtains $800,000 Seed Financing Round 05/12/15 New York
Credifi Lands $8,000,000 Series A Round 05/12/15 New York
“RoboRoach” Startup Hopes Partners, TED Talk Help Usher In Profits 05/11/15 Detroit
Agenda Posted For Xconomy Napa Summit on June 2—Request Your Invite 05/11/15 National
Somabar’s Robot Bartender Trying to Be the “Keurig of Cocktails” 05/08/15 New York
East Coast Biotech Roundup: NY Bio, Synageva, Kadmon & More 05/08/15 New York
Kisi Garners $1,500,000 New Funding Round 05/08/15 New York
Bitfusion Lands $1,450,000 New Funding 05/08/15 New York
Epic, IBM Unleash Watson Supercomputer on Electronic Health Records 05/07/15 Wisconsin
Ex-AstraZeneca Exec to Lead Surface’s “Next-Gen” Immuno-Oncology Plan 05/07/15 Boston
TiqIQ Receives $850,000 New Financing Round 05/07/15 New York
Cricket’s Circle Secures $2,250,000 New Funding 05/07/15 New York
Milestones Of Innovation 6: The Driving Force Of Moore’s ‘Law’ 05/06/15 Boston
Dextro Rolls Out Way to Make Periscope Video Streams Discoverable 05/06/15 New York
Chartbeat Secures $15,500,000 Series C Funding 05/06/15 New York
FileChat Obtains $3,000,000 New Funding 05/06/15 New York
ComplyGlobal Lands $2,500,000 New Financing 05/06/15 New York
Sherpaa Receives $2,250,000 New Funding 05/06/15 New York
PureWow Garners $2,500,000 Seed Funding Round 05/06/15 New York
Big Apple Biotech “Bootstraps” Forward at NewYorkBio Meeting 05/05/15 New York
Readying the Distributed Grid for the Big Energy Challenges of 2035 05/05/15 Seattle
Culinary Agents Obtains $3,000,000 Series A Financing 05/05/15 New York
BlueLine Grid Secures New Financing 05/05/15 New York
Artivest Receives $15,000,000 New Financing Round 05/05/15 New York
Cloud Host Atlantic.Net Opens Data Center Aimed at NY Startup Scene 05/04/15 New York
The Innovation Challenge: Assessing BioPharma Startups 05/04/15 Seattle
Vnomics Lands $597,223 New Round 05/04/15 New York
Waksal’s Kadmon Spins Out Gene Therapy Group But Keeps Details Close 05/01/15 New York
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