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Entry Author Date Location
Outdoor Project Receives Seed Funding 08/06/14 Seattle
Read the Docs Secures Seed Funding Round 08/06/14 Seattle
BlkDot Lands Seed Financing 08/06/14 Seattle
Krumplr Obtains Seed Funding Round 08/06/14 Seattle
Supportland Receives Seed Round 08/06/14 Seattle
XOBXOB Lands Seed Funding 08/06/14 Seattle
Droplr Garners Seed Financing Round 08/06/14 Seattle
Cairns Obtains Seed Round 08/06/14 Seattle
How Google, Microsoft, and Amazon’s Boston-Area Offices Stack Up 08/05/14 Boston
Funding Options Shrink for Early-Stage Cleantech Ventures 08/05/14 National
Nuclear Startup Transatomic Power Lands $2M From Founders Fund 08/05/14 Boston
With $310M and Public Investors Aboard, Is a Juno IPO Next? 08/05/14 Seattle
Canceling Washington R&D Incentives Will Erase Success 08/05/14 Seattle
Juno Therapeutics Garners $134,000,000 Series B Financing Round 08/05/14 Seattle
Military Strategies Being Used in the War on Cancer 08/04/14 Seattle
How Cotton Bureau Became the Internet’s Coolest T-Shirt Store 08/04/14 National
Tune Acquires MobileDevHQ for Undisclosed Sum 08/04/14 Seattle
Innovation Hub: Legendary Investor Roger McNamee on “Day of Reckoning” 08/01/14 National
Global Warming and the Power of Fear to Drive Innovation 08/01/14 National
West Coast Biotech Roundup: Amgen Layoffs, Avalanche, Venter & More 07/31/14 Seattle
Is Radio Silence Endangering Your Business? 07/31/14 Boston
Freak’n Genius Receives $350,000 New Round 07/31/14 Seattle
Driving Corporate Innovation: Design Thinking vs. Customer Development 07/30/14 San Francisco
Jintronix Garners $772,508 New Financing Round 07/30/14 Seattle
Seattle Jobs? Big Biotech Gives And Takes Away (Mostly The Latter) 07/29/14 Seattle
To Solve Alzheimer’s Mystery, Better Biological Clues Sorely Needed 07/29/14 National
Accelerator Bags $51M, Makes Long-Awaited Move to NYC 07/29/14 New York
GraphLab Off to Fast Start with System for Building Predictive Apps 07/29/14 Seattle
Zillow, Trulia Deal Means Fewer Competitors in Online Real Estate 07/28/14 Seattle
Emulate Scores $12M to Shake Up Drug Testing With Organs on Chips 07/28/14 Boston
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