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Entry Author Date Location
The Knowledge Worker’s Next Must-Have Gadget: A Telepresence Robot 09/10/14 National
An Intriguing Program Takes on Tropical Diseases—But Not Ebola 09/10/14 National
Quantenna Communications Obtains $16,162,564 New Financing Round 09/10/14 San Francisco
Google Acquires Lift Labs for Undisclosed Sum 09/10/14 San Francisco
Avogy Lands $40,000,000 Series B Funding 09/10/14 San Francisco
Glamping Hub Garners $1,000,000 New Funding 09/10/14 San Francisco
GoodData Obtains $25,699,993 New Funding Round 09/10/14 San Francisco
Teleport Garners $2,500,000 New Funding 09/10/14 San Francisco
FlightCar Receives $13,500,000 Series B Funding Round 09/10/14 San Francisco
Profusa Obtains New Funding Round 09/10/14 San Francisco
Xconomy Q&A: Intellectual Ventures Co-founder and CTO Edward Jung 09/09/14 Seattle
RunKeeper Sees Apple Health Moves as “Both Scary and Exciting” 09/09/14 Boston
As New iPhone Looms, Mobile Payments “Not for the Faint of Heart” 09/09/14 Boston
Be-Bound Obtains $4,500,000 Series A Financing Round 09/09/14 San Francisco
Authy Garners $2,300,000 Seed Financing 09/09/14 San Francisco
Adjust Lands $7,600,000 New Financing 09/09/14 San Francisco
Ineda Systems Obtains $2,000,000 Series B Financing 09/09/14 San Francisco
Talklocal Lands $2,600,000 Series A Round 09/09/14 San Francisco
Rakuten Acquires Ebates for $1,000,000,000 09/09/14 San Francisco
GlassPoint Pulls in $53M from Oman to Pump Oil With Solar Power 09/08/14 National
Y Combinator Alum Lob Raises $7M to Expand APIs for Print Marketing 09/08/14 San Francisco
Avalanche Biotechnologies Lands $9,999,995 New Financing 09/08/14 San Francisco
Eiger BioPharmaceuticals Lands $1,100,000 Series A Financing 09/08/14 San Francisco
Lob Secures $7,000,000 Series A Funding Round 09/08/14 San Francisco
Amplidata Obtains $10,000,000 New Funding 09/08/14 San Francisco
Akros Silicon Secures $900,000 New Financing Round 09/08/14 San Francisco
Catalina Marketing Acquires Cellfire for Undisclosed Sum 09/08/14 San Francisco
Good Eggs Garners $21,000,000 Series B Funding 09/08/14 San Francisco
GlassPoint Solar Receives $53,000,000 New Round 09/08/14 San Francisco
John Maraganore: From “Prototypical Geek” To Canny Alnylam Chief 09/07/14 Boston
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