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ProducePay Secures $2,500,000 New Financing Round 06/30/16 San Diego
No Stairway (Infringement) and the Importance of Shared Design Tools in Innovation 06/29/16 Seattle
With $18M, Reflexion Health Expands Physical Therapy Technology 06/29/16 San Diego
Abreos Biosciences Lands Seed Funding Round 06/29/16 San Diego
Startup M&A: Why a Letter of Intent Deserves Your Full Attention 06/28/16 Boston
Modern Meadow Collects $40M for Real Leather With ‘No Cow Involved’ 06/28/16 New York
Regulus Shares Crumble As FDA Halts Testing of Hepatitis C Drug 06/27/16 San Diego
Brexit and the Impact in the London Startup Industry 06/27/16 Seattle
Thrive Market Receives $111,000,000 New Funding 06/27/16 San Diego
Plant Prefab Receives $3,000,000 New Financing Round 06/27/16 San Diego
Exagen Diagnostics Garners $2,100,000 New Funding Round 06/27/16 San Diego
Biotech Roundup: CRISPR’s 1st Trial, IPO Insiders, Zika & More 06/24/16 National
Chatmeter Receives $918,270 New Funding Round 06/24/16 San Diego
Google Fiber Buys Webpass in Wireless Internet Land Grab 06/23/16 San Francisco
San Diego Sees Strong Cybersecurity Growth As Firms Seek Talent 06/23/16 San Diego
The Evolution of the App Stores 06/23/16 Seattle Obtains New Round 06/23/16 San Diego
IBM Watson Health Launches Imaging Effort for Cancer, Other Diseases 06/22/16 Boston
Radicle Accelerator Fund Launches to Nurture AgTech Innovation 06/22/16 Raleigh Durham
EY Names 6 Startup Leaders as San Diego Entrepreneurs of the Year 06/22/16 San Diego
Reflexion Health Obtains $18,000,000 Series B Financing 06/22/16 San Diego
Verizon Communications Acquires Telogis for Undisclosed Sum 06/22/16 San Diego
Blueprint Bio Obtains $7,500,000 New Financing 06/21/16 San Diego
Awarepoint Garners $1,500,000 New Financing 06/20/16 San Diego
AppliedVR Secures $118,000 Seed Financing 06/20/16 San Diego
WELL Lands $118,000 Seed Funding Round 06/20/16 San Diego
Ella Lands $118,000 Seed Financing Round 06/20/16 San Diego
ZendyHealth Secures $118,000 Seed Funding 06/20/16 San Diego
Biotech Roundup: Kadmon Debt, Hemo Data, Loose Lips & More 06/17/16 National
StockTwits Lands $1,186,021 New Funding 06/17/16 San Diego
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